Understanding Photo ID Systems and Their Many Uses

By: Sher Matsen

In our modern, high tech world photo ID cards are found far and wide, with many different uses. No longer are driver's licenses or passports the main focus for photo ID. Thanks to sophisticated yet affordable photo ID systems, companies are able to easily integrate photo ID into their organizations and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.

Let's have a quick look at just some of the places you might be able to utilize a photo ID system within your organization.

1. Educational - Colleges and universities have been providing photo ID to their students for years. However, today that practice is expanding right down to elementary school. The latest photo ID systems are able to meet individual needs. For example, some schools may be focused mainly on identification of the student to the staff, while others may be looking for a more sophisticated approach with additional security features or the ability to be used to check out library material.

2. Churches - With today's religious environment where religious organizations are working around the world providing aid, proper photo ID is often necessary. They also hold large conventions where security can be an issue. A quality photo ID system will allow you to produce the type of photo ID you need for the delegates and coordinators to be easily recognizable.

3. Conventions - Organizations from all walks of life gather together in facilities to hold conventions of all sizes. Behind those conventions are always the people that make it all happen. But in today's environment of hostility, it is important for all of those behind the scenes to have proper photo ID. Sometimes it's even necessary for those attending the convention depending on the type of convention.

4. National Security - There are many levels of security within the country. There are also many types of facilities, all requiring photo ID. There will be various levels of security associated with national security depending on its purpose. With the many photo ID systems on the market it's very easy to meet these needs.

5. Cities and Hospitals - Municipalities and hospitals around the world cannot possibly have all their staff know each other. Therefore proper photo ID is necessary for security in many different levels. These photo IDs must be of the highest quality.

6. Airlines - In our insecure world where terrorists and other security threats are a reality, security is of the utmost importance. After 911 the way airlines handled security of those that worked on the plane, and worked in the airports changed dramatically. In most cases, the photo ID must be so much more than just a photo. It will be associated with entering secured areas, and often will have embedded electronics. Many airlines outsource the production of these photo ID cards, yet with the sophisticated photo ID systems available for in-house printing, there's an opportunity for increased savings by in-house production.

That's only a few of the types of customers that find themselves in need of photo ID. With the range of photo ID systems available on the market there's a system for everyone. Of course we can't possibly address all the photo ID system options in one short article, so let's look at a few of the features to give you an idea of what is available on the market.

1. Superior Print Quality - In today's market there is simply no reason to settle for anything less than superior print. Even level entry photo ID systems have exceptional quality available. Fargo's high definition printing technology is recognized throughout the industry as the standard to aim for.

2. Holographic HDP Film - For the most secure HDP card you simply need to print them with HDP holographic film. Holographic imaging has become very popular in the past few years. Its popularity is based on the reduced ability of reproduction. An added bonus is its superior ability to recognize fake photo ID.

3. Card Printers & Encoders - There are many choices in card printers and encoders, and there is a wide range of pricing associated with them. There are options such as laminators, encoding, oversized printing, financial card encoders, dual or single side printers, color or black white printing, and more.

4. Larger Photo Printing - Traditionally photos were always a bit small, but now many of the photo ID systems allow for much larger photos. This makes identification much easier because of these more detailed photos.

5. Integration - You want to choose a photo ID system that's easy to integrate into other components of your business. With so many different photo ID systems on the market there's simply no reason why you can't have this integration.

Not so long ago photo ID cards were more of a novelty then a real asset. Photo ID systems were far too expensive for most companies to consider adding to their office. Today, things are much different. Technology has changed and become more available, and our world has become more threatening and less secure. That means more companies are looking to integrate some type of photo ID into their workplace. Today it's easier than ever to do with so many photo ID systems available for in-house printing.

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