Understanding Parcel Forwarding and Its Advantages

By: Richard Taylor

If you're a certified shopaholic who is always on the lookout for the best bargains and discount deals online, it may be a good idea to consider parcel forwarding services. When you shop till you drop and accumulate stuff, you can get bill-shock just from the shipping rates you incur so to prevent such things from happening, it is time to educate yourself on the wonderful world of parcel forwarding and learn just how much you can save.

When you have your favorite US brands that you cannot live without, the things that can dampen your enthusiasm would be the fact that they are not available in your part of the world or they may be more expensive. Here is where the beauty of online shopping and parcel forwarding services come in - not only will you be able to buy your favorite brands because stocks are nearly infinite and infinitely cheaper when you get them online, you will also be able to save on shipping expenses if you have them forwarded to you from a US address. You can do more research online and find out more info on US parcel forwarding to better understand the idea behind it.

How is that, you say? The idea of parcel forwarding is a simple one but something that has definitely made overseas shopping a lot easier and more convenient, not to mention easier on the budget. What you do is simply register for free on courier sites like Ship2Anywhere for example and get a virtual mailbox, a US address where your items can be shipped.

When you shop in your favorite US stores, you simply have the store deliver your packages to your virtual US address from which the parcel forwarding company will consolidate your purchases and send it all to you, enabling you to skip paying for expensive international rates. Nifty, right?

The advent of parcel forwarding has certainly made it easier to shop for items overseas and at times when buying stuff from abroad is cheaper than buying them from your home country. This is one reason many people avail of parcel forwarding services and if you are considering one, you need to check for certain things to make it worth your while.

First off, you need to make sure that the company offers package consolidation. Many parcel forwarding companies will send your stuff in multiple packages which as you know, increases your shipping rates and in addition, deliver it a few days apart jacking the rates up even higher. When a parcel company offers package consolidation, all your items are packed in one box and sent so that you pay only one rate and a cheaper one at that because it's only one box. You can find out at Ship2Anywhere how you can save on parcel forwarding by exploring their wide range of shipping options and finding one that suits your budget best.

The next thing you need to check about parcel forwarding services are the carriers. Go with one that uses reliable and trustworthy carriers like DHL or FedEx. While the US postal system can also be a good carrier, it can be difficult to track your packages during transit which is something courier companies can offer. You will also be able to get your packages in as little as 3-5 business days no matter where in the US they came from as courier companies specialize in fast deliveries. Check out the US mail forwarding to Australia at Ship2Anywhere to know what couriers they use so you know what to expect.

It is also recommended that you don't go for parcel forwarding companies that charge sign up fees or charge additional fees per order. Signing up and registration are always free and fixed rates apply for every order so if you come across one that charges fees where they shouldn't you should steer clear of it and report the company to the Better Business Bureau.

Another distinct advantage of parcel forwarding companies is that they can facilitate purchases on your behalf if in case your credit card isn't accepted at any US stores. They will calculate the postage and then add to that their service fees and then email you a quote so you can decide if you want to go ahead with your purchases or not.

Parcel forwarding is best for those who shop on an almost regular basis but it is also recommended that you use this service only if you are going bulk shopping. The way it works is, the more you order, the less shipping fees you pay so if you're in the market for just a cheap Iphone, it would be best to order it directly from the manufacturer and not have one item forwarded to you. You can learn more here about how to take advantage of parcel forwarding services so read up and enjoy immense savings on your next shopping spree.

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