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By: Laskey Razzano

There are many types of fishing, but fly fishing can be one of the most satisfying. No matter where you live - by the ocean's salty water or pure fresh water streams - you will find superb spots, many of them untouched by modernization, where you can enjoy fly fishing. The focus of this article will be on some of the basic skills and equipment you need to succeed at fly fishing.

If you're going to start fly fishing in a new place, even if it's your home town, you should learn as much as you can about good fishing habits in this area. Fishermen are always building up their fish stories, so you shouldn't have any problems getting people to talk to you. The best way to find information is to go to the stores in the area that sell fishing equipment, and start a conversation. When you go into a store looking for information, it always makes a better impression, if you are actually planning on buying something. People who like to fish, like to talk about fishing, so you can probably get all of the information you need, except for special spots might be a secret. This may include some good locations, and the best lures to use. In this manner you can learn a lot just by buying equipment in the store and asking relevant questions. If you're serious about learning all about fly fishing, you may want to consider taking lessons or going to a fly fishing school. There are quite a few schools and it shouldn't be difficult to find one fairly close to you. By getting professional help, you will master the basics of fly fishing much faster and learn things that would normally take you much longer by trial and error. There are numerous ways to learn about fly fishing - instructions online, books, videos, or just learning as you go. But the most logical way to learn well, and quickly, is putting yourself in the hands of a professional fly fisher who has the experience you lack. The professional fly fishers who run these schools will take you out in the field and show you exactly how to master all the skills you need to know in order to be a successful fly fisher. The students are, for the most part, few in number. Is there someone in your area - a friend or acquaintance - who knows how to fly fish? Ask them if they would be willing to take you along when they go out and show you how it's done. They might be willing to do it as a favor and really welcome your company.

Not everybody gets good results when fly fishing, so you might try nymph fishing when the usual methods aren't working.

The flies sit on top of the water in fly fishing, and the fish come out of the water, but the bait is under the water in nymph fishing. There is a type of insect that are called nymph in their developing stage, and that is when they live beneath the surface of the water. Nymph fishing for trout is quite effective as soon as learn the best way to do it, because these insects that can be found under the surface of the water are the main diet of trout. You can purchase lures that are made for this purpose, and you'll want to use a heavier hook and perhaps an added weight that will keep it underwater for a longer period of time. The most logical way to learn about fly fishing is to simply go out and do it. Practice makes perfect! There's a lot to learn, but if you stick to it, you will become an old-timer in no time flat. It's good to find some favorite locations where you can become familiar with the conditions and the patterns of the fish. Go fishing as often as you can and pay attention to the tips in this article, and you'll become an experienced fly fisher very quickly.

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