Understanding Metabolism

By: Sarah Carlye

Though people have a different base level metabolism, it doesn’t mean the overweight person is sentenced to always being overweight because of a slow metabolism or the underweight person must always be underweight because of a high metabolism. Exercise, like walking, can help increase metabolism. Walking in a shoe like the Stepgym will increase the amount of exercise with every step.

Before being able to work with your metabolism to increase weight loss, it is important to understand exactly what metabolism is.

Basic explanation of metabolism:

The series of chemical changes, which take place in an organism, by the way that food is manufactured and utilized and how waste materials are eliminated. This process begins at the conception of all organisms and ends at death of the organism. Metabolism is an amazing coordination of thousands of regulated metabolic reactions happening at the same time to keep our cells healthy and working.

This is an example of how the process of metabolism works in humans:

1. It starts with a green plant that takes in energy from sunlight. The plant uses this energy and the molecule chlorophyll to build sugars. The sugars are built from water and carbon dioxide. This process known as photosynthesis.
2. People may eat the plant or eat the meat of an animal that eats plant. When they eat, they take in this energy (in the form of sugar), along with other vital cell-building chemicals. What happens next is the body breaks the sugar down so that the energy released can be distributed throughout the body and used as fuel by the body’s cells.
3. After food is eaten, molecules in the digestive system called enzymes break proteins down into amino acids, fats into fatty acids, and carbohydrates into simple sugars (also known as glucose). Sugar, both amino acids, and fatty acids can be used as energy sources when needed.

Once in the cells, other enzymes regulate the chemical reactions involved with “metabolizing” these compounds. When this happens, the energy from these compounds can be released for use by the body or stored in body tissues, like the liver, muscles, and body fat. When desiring to loose weight, the focus is to avoid storage in body fat by using the energy available.

When walking in the Stepgym shoe while doing daily activities, it increases the amount of energy used because every step is a mini workout because of its scientific design. This increased energy use burns more energy so that less is stored as fat. More information about purchasing the Stepgym shoe is available at Stepgym.com.

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