Understanding Hyperactivity Causes And Diagnoses

By: Ray La Foy

Abnormality in children and adults gets manifest in a strange manner. It is a discernible act sometimes and subtle at others. Children could be over active adding to the nuisance that is already present. They could be under active or lethargic, giving rise to concern and anxiety on the part on parents, guardians and other well wishers. All this gets covered under the term hyperactivity, an area in psychology that has assumed great importance in parenting, counseling, child mentality and things of like.

Attention deficit disorder or ADHD, commonly known as hyperactivity, is thought of differently by child psychologists. Problems coming under this area are myriad with each child becoming a test case, so to say. So there is no unique solution or universal therapy. Experts are often divided on the ways to handle a child affected by ADHD. However, there are general tips and advices arising out of experiences that would go well with child handling.

It is a misconception to entertain that children affected by ADHD are bad, lazy, stupid, problem creator or a menace to the general set of things. These children are normal in the conventional sense of the term, only that the level of adrenaline varies with that in children indulging in usual behavior, which could be high or low. There get noticed in children when they are young in the pre-school stage, but this need not be always so.

Swings of behavior range from inattention, slow grasping power, a feelings of unconcern, apparent insensitivity, difficulty in expressing or comprehending to distraction, forgetfulness, disorganization, fidgety, display of over-smartness, poor concentration, restlessness, impatient, impulsive, hastiness, to name a few.

When such tendencies are not momentary but are recurrent in nature, then this would be the time for parents, teachers and doctors to sit up and chalk out an action plan. However, it needs to be considered that ADHD or behavior akin to it that is slowly by children are normal ones that might last till a certain stage and then get reduced or vanish as the child matures. Moreover, doctors need to ascertain other illness suffered or treatments undergone by the child undergone by the child that may have caused hyperactivity. So that children are on a steady course of medication and treatment.

Children affected by hyperactivity get along well most of the times with their playmates and peers. They are liked, accepted and at times tolerated. Some children behave differently in different settings. A child who is subdued in school could be boisterous at home.

Hyperactivity is caused in children genetically or due to sociological factors relating to the child’s upbringing and parenting. But what need to be dwelt are children affected by hyperactivity or ADHD can be handled with tact that needs love, patience, kindness, tenderness, understanding, counseling and plenty of moral support.

Harshness, rigidity and hardened treatment would only backfire and become counter-productive. The ability to gel with children affected by ADHD is not acquired over-night but gets cultivated in due course of time. So the hype about hyperactivity in children is ill-founded. With pathological and psychological treatment, hyperactivity is surmountable. Forbearance, patience, love and kindness are called for.

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