Understanding Green Landscaping

By: Ben Wall

Everybody talks about saving the environment but only few are really able to do something about it. At least, that was how it was before but these days, with everybody pitching in and in their own little way doing their bit, this planet could actually have a chance at being saved.

From utilizing ways and means on saving on their energy consumption to using recyclable materials, everybody is slowly but surely integrating green methods into their lives. One of the most popular methods people use these days is by using green landscaping, creating a living environment that enables them to beautify their home’s surroundings without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals and techniques that are usually done with traditional landscaping. It doesn't only offer the use of innovative methods but also ensures that homeowners get to save money by lowering their energy bills from efficiently cooling or heating their homes.

Green landscaping, however, is not an option for everyone. There are factors that need to be considered before you can have it done like the climate of the area you live in and the region you live in. Living in warm weather conditions can affect plant life greatly while cooler climates can sustain a wider variety of greenery. If you live in mountainous regions, you will need to incorporate plants that can grow in high elevation and rocky soils and if you live in marshier regions, your plants need to be able to thrive in water-heavy soil. The thing to remember about green landscaping is that everything is hinged on the use of plants native to the area you live in. You can find out about landscape construction Brisbane and learn more about green landscaping that works with where you live.

To make green landscaping truly work, there are five basic techniques you need to employ that are highly practical and they are landscape shading, landscape windbreaks, landscaping using green materials, controlling snow with landscaping and landscaping with solar power. Shading is the method of strategically planting trees in your front and back yards to minimize the heat brought about by the sun’s rays that can increase the temperature inside your home, making you increase the use of air conditioners.

Proper placement of trees can minimize the temperatures up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit or 12 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that you use deciduous trees or trees whose leaves fall of seasonally as these can provide sufficient shade during the summer to cool your home and allow more sunlight during the winter when their leaves fall off. Landscaping windbreaks on the other hand, can help lower the wind chill outside your home and prevent those cold drafts from blowing into your house.

Ideally, the best method for this is to use evergreen trees or plants with lower crowns like shrubs or bushes. If you have a low wall or fence, you will need to use evergreens with at least 60% foliage density to deflect the force of heavy winds in and around your home. Planting them near the perimeter of your home is also recommended. If you want to learn more about landscaping gold coast, you can check out sites like Naturesbestlandscaping.com.au for more tips on planting windbreakers.

As for the use of green materials for your landscaping, concrete is one that you should exclude from the equation because of its CO2-influenced manufacturing. The most ideal materials to use for would be bricks made of natural gas kilns, particularly terra cotta and bricks and stones from quarries located near bodies of water if you need to use stones. For wood, it is ideal to use ammonium copper quaternary-treated wood and make sure you stay away from dyed and rubber mulch.

As for controlling snow with your landscaping, growing natural snow fences by planting dense coniferous trees is recommended as they are the best in preventing snow from drifting. Aside from foliage density, you will also need to consider the height of the trees or shrubs that you plant as taller trees will be able to hold off drifts for the entire winter while shorter trees may not be able to prevent snow from the top of the mound from traveling over their peaks.

And lastly, if you are the type who loves to host garden parties, you will need to consider the use of solar-powered lighting. They are easier to install than traditional electric lights and are safer to use since they don’t involve the use of wires or long electric cords, sockets or underground wiring. You can also buy them in styles and designs that can complement your outdoor décor and are marginally cost-effective than electric lights. For more energy-efficient landscaping ideas, you can check out http://www.naturesbestlandscaping.com.au and start doing your bit for the environment and for yourself.

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