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By: Brenian Chew

More than half of the population of the world drinks coffee but most of these coffee drinkers do not know about coffee. Often times, people would raise their eyebrows whenever they hear that coffee has many benefits because there is this notion that coffee is not good for the health. Recent studies however defy this notion for they had found out that there are lots of benefits that go with drinking coffee. Studies had shown that drinking at least four cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of certain diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and liver diseases.

Other coffee information based on the recent studies made by American Medical Association reveals that regular drinking of coffee would lower the risk of diabetes type 2. Researchers found out that coffee has more antioxidants compared to other berries that are also rich in antioxidants. Aside from the antioxidants, coffee also contains chlorogenic acid which is good in reducing the concentration of glucose. From the studies made in the Norway, the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases is reduced by as much as 24% when coffee is drunk regularly. However, when the consumption of coffee is increased or more than the required daily consumption which is up to four cups, the benefits you get from coffee is decreased.

You might not know things that pertain on all about coffee even if you are a coffee drinker. Do you know why coffee taste differently depending on the place it originated? The taste of coffee would change because of the type of soil and the weather condition they were planted. Likewise, the taste of coffee is enhanced because of special blends and flavors. Some people would prefer the plain coffee to espresso based coffee such as the moccaccino, latte or cappuccino. You can have iced cold coffee instead of the usual hot coffee. You can put some toppings like whipped cream, cinnamon sticks to cocoa powder.

In the amazing coffee world, anybody can enjoy a cup of coffee with their family and friends. One cannot help entertaining friends or colleagues with a cup of coffee in front of them. A typical conversation is not complete without a mug of coffee. It is safe to say then that coffee is a social commodity. Almost all households have coffee in their pantry and what do you think a person would do once he woke up in the morning. Whether the climate is hot or cold, the first thing a person would do is to make himself a cup of coffee.

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