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By: Randolf M. Rutherford

Existing figures report an average of one out of every 10 PC hard drives will collapse within the year, with the expenses of recovering misplaced information as high as $7,500 or higher. But with online data backup, even if your home or office is broken into or wrecked by fire or other natural disaster, at least your data is protected and effortlessly redeemable.

Data loss could happen in several ways such as system crash, an electrical short or power surge, hacking by malicious malcontents, fire, flood or earthquake, human error (i.e. accidental erasure), dropping a PC losing/misplacing your laptop or by thievery (having your PC itself stolen). Statistics are directed to employees (mainly cynical ex employees) followed by outsourced workers who are commonly held responsible for the largest percentage of record loss.

If you think you're too smart to misplace your laptop, think again. A study released by Dell computers not to long ago report that an average of more than 12,000 laptops is mislaid at American airports every week!
Every one of these is adversities that can be drastically minimized through protecting all your valuable data distantly through online data backup storage. It's important to compare online backup storage providers to find the one that's right for you.

The drawback with tape backups is hopefully history. The elected solution of the past (and of old fashion, outdated businesses) is that they can be unintentionally demolished too. But online data backup will save at least one second copy of all your confidential data on a sealed and redundant server system. By digitizing your data and storing it with online data backup, you are assured that not one portion of priceless files will ever get lost again.

Do you believe your business has your files locked, think again. On Oct. 11, 2009 a story came out regarding a division of Microsoft suffering a malfunction of some sort that ended in the data loss of important employee records. If they'd implemented an online data backup method, the downfall wouldn't have been a major concern. But as it stands, this misfortune not only affected Microsoft employees but tens of thousands of T-Mobile customers using Sidekick devices. This is why it's so important to compare online backup providers and choose the company that's right for you.

The teaching from this cross-platform (that's PC and mobile) adversity is that you should always back-up more than just the documents on your computer system, but that on your mobile devices as well. Not to mention any private records you could have stores on a particular site.

A startling calculation reported recently is that 94% of the 300 million people with broadband entry are threatened by data loss because they are without some form of backup system.

Whether you merely use your computer for your own use, you have a home office, you're a member of staff at a corporation, or you own the business, taking charge of the security of your confidential records, and that of your company, is significant to constant safety and vitality of the business. Visit www.Online-Backup-Ratings.com and compare online backup systems to find the most elite online data backup storage providers available. Question and read through the most recent reviews from several customers so you can make the precise choice originally. These days, the chosen method to protect data and prevent data loss, favoured by revolutionary thinkers and organizations, is an online data backup system.

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