UNCOVER the Signs Showing that You Might Have Yeast Infection

By: Linda Allen

Many people believe that they might have a yeast infection, also known as candidiasis, and try to solve the problem all by themselves using over the counter medication. But in truth yeast infection can be easily confused with other medical ailments. So what should you look for as signs that you could have yeast infection? It's a difficult question. Medical studies show that much of the diagnoses of this medical problem that are made actually mistake symptoms of infection by bacteria (such as discharge from the vagina) as an indication of the yeast infection. They then go on to confuse skin infection with Candida which can be mixed up with bacterial intertrigo and flexural psoriasis simply because these problems display similar signs of lesions and rashes.

You need to acquire basic knowledge and precise information as to the nature of candidiasis, its reasons and what it really looks like if you want to avoid misdiagnoses and erroneous solutions. It's all the more important because this can worsen your medical problem if the real hidden cause is being ignored.

When the immune system and the beneficial microbes in the intestine combine to manage the candida microorganism, there is no danger to your body. But when Candida gets out of control they can cause serious havoc to your body. There are several types of the Candida fungus which are responsible for yeast infections. Surprisingly, Candida is quite normally found in small amounts anyway in the body where it lives in places like the folds of the skin, the vagina, rectum, the gut and so on. The things that may trigger a yeast infection are:

1. the elimination of beneficial microbes because of antibiotics that kill them or because of mental stress .

2. an immune system that no longer functions correctly (an essential component in the fight against Candida).

3. Bad diet, incorrect nutrition and intake of foods that Candida feeds on to over grow inside your body.

Candida can circulate all over your body in conditions of overgrowth. It can generate signs of yeast infection both locally and systemically. The reason for this is that Candida in the guts develops roots that hook into the intestine and penetrate into the blood circulation.

Knowing how to make a preliminary diagnosis of candidiasis is essential in order to avoid confusing these indications with those of other problems concerning skin and bacterial infections. Know how to recognize signs at a systemic level including tiredness, abnormal craving for sugar and white flour, allergies, sinus problems, and blurring of vision etc. Local signs should also be noted like it itching and burning sensations, discharge from the genitals and other bacterial style infections.

A simple test at home can also be conducted to find out if your condition is severe. In the morning before you put anything in your mouth, get a clean glass. Fill the class with water and then put a generous amount of your saliva into the glass of water. Every fifteen minutes during one hour look at the water to see what is happening. Strings traveling down into the water, like legs, indicate that you may have a candida yeast infection. This would be a mild case of infection. Your saliva would sink to the bottom of the glass if you have an advanced or serious case of infection.

Left untreated, this problem may worsen into severe infection at a systemic level. This may even be fatal and is often in any case a weakening and threatening medical problem that causes severe pain. If the diagnosis is of candidiasis, it must be resolved as fast as possible and effectively in order to stop additional health complications.

A holistic remedy exists with a unique mix of alterations to lifestyle and diet, which manages your stress and which uses supplements of vitamins and minerals to reinforce your immune system while cleansing and getting rid of toxins. Did you know that this therapy exists and can cure and halt yeast infection in a permanent and safe way? This holistic treatment brings you a long term and all-natural solution to the problem of yeast infection to treat not only the symptoms but also the underlying cause.

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Linda Allen is a health consultant and author of the #1 best-selling e-book Yeast Infection No More . For Further Information: Signs You Might Have Yeast Infection

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