Types of Laser Skin Treatments

By: Pamela Cobb

Different skin problems can make us lose our confidence and avoid social interactions. However, many of these skin problems are easily treatable and manageable through good diet, exercise, and skin care. For other cases, people prefer to go under the knife to get immediate and effective results. Modern technology, however, has introduced new and non-invasive procedures to treat many of the most common skin problems that people experience today.

Laser skin treatment is a known effective means to treat various problems. It is popular because it's non-invasive, painless and less expensive than surgical procedures. If you are suffering from a skin problem, see what medical options are available to you. Here are some of the types of laser skin treatments being offered today.

Wrinkle Treatment

You can reduce one of the signs of aging - wrinkles. Although this isn't an illness or skin disease that needs treating, many still prefer to get wrinkle treatments to look younger, fresh, and full of vitality. Instead of getting a facelift, Botox, or facial fillers, laser treatment is an option. What is it does is remove wafer-thin layers of skin to smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines to achieve a rejuvenated result. A good skin clinic can offer a pain-free service during and after the procedure through numbing injections, and pain medication if necessary.

Hair Removal

The use of laser for hair removal is not a new procedure. In fact, many have already tried this and enjoyed good results. What it does is project the laser light into the hair follicle. When the light is absorbed, it heats and damages the follicle to remove its ability to grow hair. There are different types of hair removal treatments but laser is still considered the most effective for it is accurate and highly concentrated, offering better results and fewer sessions.

Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne can leave a mark after it heals. In some cases, the severity of acne scarring isn't easily treated through traditional means like skin toners, scrubs, diamond peels, whitening products, and astringent. Among the many options is laser treatment. One type of treatment, called Fraxel, stimulates the body's healing process to replace scarred skin with fresh, smoother, and rejuvenated skin. There are many types of treatments for acne scarring. Contact your skin doctor or a skin clinic for a most applicable treatment for your case.

Treat Freckles and Pigmentation

Similar to acne scarring, laser treatment for freckles and pigmentation uses highly concentrated pulses of light. This targets brown freckles, age sports, and sun damaged skin or dark concentrations of melanin. Once the light energy is absorbed in the pigment, it heats the pigment and destroys the cells rich in melanin, which then results to the fading of the dark spot. The effective laser treatments will require about 1-2 session to achieve the ideal results. This is also an option for birthmark removal.

Cure for Facial Redness and Capillaries

Facial redness, Rosacea and capillaries are red blemishes on the skin that can often affect the appearance of the individual. Some lose their confidence due this problem while others resort to makeup to cover up the imperfection. Nowadays, it's easy to find a cure for facial redness. Non-invasive laser treatment can remove these blemishes on the skin with intense pulsed light (IPL) targeted on the capillaries and vessels. The vessel walls are subjected to heat and become weak enough that they eventually collapse and fade, resulting to smooth and even-toned skin.

The success rate of these treatments depends on the type of laser technology used and the experience and skills of the professional who will administer the procedure. Always choose reliable and reputable skin clinics for these kinds of procedures. You can check online for more info on skin care treatments.

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