Types of Hearing Problems and Their Treatments

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Human beings have been gifted with six sense organs. Hearing is one of them. However, there are several people in the world who have not been entertained with the proper functioning of this fabulous sense organ. The partial or total loss of hearing is called as hearing impairment, hearing loss, Presbycusis or Deafness.

Types of Hearing Problems

There are two main types of hearing losses – one of them is permanent damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve whereas in the other type, hearing ability gets impaired due to build-up of wax in ear or due to punctured ear drum; hampering sound waves to reach the inner ear. Besides these defects, the other problems are central hearing loss, functional hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. These defects are due to central or emotional deficiency and not due to physical damage to the ear or auditory nerve.

Common Causes of Hearing Problems

There are several causes which can affect the outer ear, middle ear or the inner ear. These causes collectively can be summarized as ---

Build-up of cerumen or wax in the ear or accumulation of fluid in the ear. These can lead to infections or swelling in the ear. Thus, blocking the ear canal.

Puncture of the ear drum.

The blockage of ear due to the above causes can be corrected by proper treatment. Some other causes include –

Birth defect


Otosclerosis (hereditary disease in which a new bone gets developed near the ear bone )

Presbycusis (aging disease in which the person starts loosing ear cells or nerve endings thus, diminishing hearing ability).

Fistula (abnormal connection between inner and middle ear thus, causing leakage of fluid from the inner ear to the middle ear thus, reducing hearing ability).

Inner ear concussions due to head injury

Overloading of fluid in the inner ear can lead to swelling which can give rise to Meniere’s syndrome. It is characterized by fluctuating hearing loss and tinnitus (noise heard in one or both the ears).

Hearing loss induced by noise

Neural problems resulting in Acoustic neuroma (tumor in ear nerve cells) and Ototoxicity caused due to invasion of foreign bodies or dugs into the body.

Hearing Loss Treatment

If hearing loss is left untreated then the situation may worsen. Hence, advice and treatment of Audiologist is necessary on time. Several types of hearing aids are available in the market which can help the deaf people to listen sounds and voices. A hearing aid is a device designed to accentuate and modulate sound waves for the wearer, and can typically be worn in or out of the ear. A variety of hearing aids are available in different styles and fashion. These are Body worn aids, behind the ear aids, ear molds, ITE (In the ear aids), IIC (Invisible in the canal hearing aids), Open air devices and bone anchored hearing aids. Advanced technology has also led to the development of disposable hearing aids. But before using these useful tools, the person should consult an audiologist. Audiologist is a health care professional that identifies, diagnose, treat and monitors the disorders and inabilities related to auditory and vestibular functions.

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