Types of Hair Loss Solutions for Young Men Not Old Enough to Be Bald By Candace Hubbard

By: Candice Hubbard

Like most unpleasant conditions which attack our bodies, hair loss for young men has many causes, such as a bad diet, lack of the needed minerals, taking new medicines, stress and even your genes. But lucky for you there are hair fall solutions which can make the problem better or even stop the your hair from thinning. Here are some of them:

Shampoo and Hair Dyeing

1. The experts suggest that instead of washing your hair every time you shower, you can just not wet it at all. Shower as you normally do, but leave your hair and scalp dry.

2. If you live an active lifestyle and don't want to leave your hair unwashed then you should choose a dry hair shampoo that will clean your hair but leave it untouched by water. In is a fact that too much washing will not only harm your hair, but the hair follicles too.

3. Don't put your hair through the wear and tear of a blow dryer. Heat will damage the hair proteins, doing a lot more harm than a dry hair shampoo can cure, no matter the commercials that claim it will look fuller and healthier.

4. It's just better to let your hair go gray than to dye it. Maybe it will age you just a bit if you do that, but it's better to keep your hair and add a few years rather than loss it altogether.


A hair fall solutions expert can look over your hair and give a careful examination to the area that is thinning to find out the cause. They will also add real human hair to your own thinning hair to solve the problem. The goal of the treatment is to make your hair look as normal and After the process is complete a hair stylist will blend your new hair with the cut and style of your original hair.

Hair Transplant Surgery

This field of hair restoration has grown so much in the last several years that it's amazing. While it is still a last resort, thanks to years spent creating the method, hair can now be transplanted exactly the way it grows. This does wonders to keep hair from falling out after it is transplanted.

Hair Therapy

Scientists have made great strides in the field of hair therapy, inventing many products that help give hair a new lease on life. One is Minoxidil, which causes new hair to grow in areas that have begun to thin.

If none of these ideas help to make the problem better, or to cure it, then you will just have to accept your looks just the way they are. Don't worry, it likely isn't as bad as you think. Just don't let the thought of failure keep you from trying to do anything to solve your hair loss problem at all. You never know, but you could end up having a full head of healthy hair again sooner than you thought possible.

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