Types of Fishing flies

By: Perhot iFly

There are many types of flies used for fishing fishes. We can’t do fly fishing without the fly. There are 3 main fly types for Taimenperhot(Trout) namely the dry fly(Perhoja),nymphs and streamers.
The Perhot(Dry fly): This is the type of fly which floats on the surface of water. This makes it intriguing because fish has to come up to the top of water and eat the fly off from the surface. This is fascinating to watch since we’re getting the first-hand view of fish eating. This makes it interesting as one can know when the fish has taken the fly. Dry flies are made in many various kinds. From these widely used are those that are made to nearly match the types of insects that hatch from the nymph stage into insects that fly through the air. Species of these kinds of bugs includes the mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, ect.
The Nymph:The Nymph is regarded as very productive when compared to all of the flies to use to fly fish for trout because to the fact that fish, trout specially, feed on the ballpark of 80% of the time underwater. That’s how one fishes the nymph, under the surface of the water. The nymph is one of the phases of insects such as the mayfly, caddis, or stonefly. The nymph is the phase where the insects live their lives under the surface of water, by the streambeds; in the lake bottom also other similar areas. Due to this, these become stupendous for the fishes to feed on.
The Streamer:The streamer could be one of the funniest flies to fly fish for Taimenperhot(Trout) with, also with one of the most fruitful, next to the nymphs. Almost all strikes on a streamer are pretty aggressive as fish tries to eat the fly as quickly as it can and as hard as possible so that fish doesn’t miss it. Steamer flies incline to copy foods namely leaches, minnows, sculpins and other varieties of underwater fish foods.

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