Types and Benefits of Cat boarding

By: Sylvester R Bateman

Cats one of the most affectionate and endearing pets. Cats get emotionally involved with people easily and maintain relationship similarly like humans do. They are being tamed since 10,000 years. There job is to keep mice away and are well behaved animal and playful too. Most people like cuddling with them and loves being cozy. They are independent and don’t need much attention. Like we need a house they need it too. Cattery is a place where cats are housed. They are of two types-

1. Boarding catteries 2. Breeding catteries

Boarding catteries- Boarding catteries is a place where cats are kept temporarily. If the owner is out of town or is not in a state to take care and keep them at home they can opt for a temporary shelter for them which are provided by these boarding places.

Breeding catteries- These places are where cats bred. They are bred especially for commercial purpose i.e. for selling them but some maintain it as hobby too.

Cat boarding is very vast. Many people make a house especially designed for them which is playful yet astounding for the cat and they adore being there. The main feature of cat boarding’s is to give proper and safe place for the cat to stay in which they are comfortable and joyful. Some important gear kept while making these boarding’s are-

- Large cages are made for their comfort. - Sanatorium rooms are made for their isolation. - 24 hours care taker is present to take care of them. - Pickup and delivery services are offered by the board. - Even cats are groomed at these places.

There are some special attributes offered by these boarding’s as well like-

1. Providing cat toys, 2. Grooming them, 3. Playful atmosphere, 4. Premium vet bed, 5. Cat loves music so some boards play blissful music all day., 6. Proper diet according to each cat breed.

Cat boarding is a good concept and is made because cats and quite different from other pets and are very plumb creatures. Veterinarians also give this facility to board. It is a good idea to leave your pet with them as they can give proper medication if needed. Cat boarding’s are very popular service and tends to book quickly especially at holiday times. Prices typically start from 15$ per day.

Choosing wisely cat boarding’s confer you tension free days. Pet lovers keep their pets as family members and pay them appropriate attention and shower love. They want them to be treated same if they keep them at these places. There are many cat boarding’s but before choosing the right one you should consider following things-

1. Examining the boarding well 2. Cleanliness of the boarding

Examining the boarding- inspection of the boarding is very necessary before you keep your pet there-

- Is place spacious and properly ventilated? - It is vaccinated timely or not. - Availability of fresh water and food is there or not. - Safety of place

Second most important thing to be considered before boarding your cat is cleanliness. Every board speaks about clean and tidy premises but you should check it whether It is true or not. Walls nicely painted or not. Animals are served in clean bowls or not and the bed provided to them is neat and tidy. Thus by following some guidelines you can be sure about your pet’s health and security and will be helpful for you to choose right place for your pet too.

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