Two Techniques To Combat, Overcome and Defeat Fear

By: David R Johnson

If we want to be successful in network marketing than we will need to strengthen our defects. This helps us find balance and power. Remember, if you have strengths you also have weaknesses, but if you balance them out you do not have any true defects.

So Strength = Weakness, and Balance = Power.

However, a lot of time in our weaknesses also has plenty of fear. So in order to brace that weakness. We must learn to overcome and neutralize fear. Once we do, we will be unstoppable.

Lets look at many ways to neutralize and defeat fear.

First we must realize that fear only exists in our heads, it isn't reality. The acronym Fear is Fake expectations Appearing Real, while it perhaps overused, it is particularly true.

To start to neutralize fear, we need to discovery if our fear has roots in logic or emotion. Fret that is rooted in logic, is typically a good fear. This is a survival mechanism and it keeps us safe. However , much of a fear today is rooted in emotion. This is the concern that we must neutralize and overcome.

Then we need to find the reason we have that fear. So we are able to start attacking the supporting convictions of our fear. A good way to do this is think about what the very worst thing that would happen if we went against what that fear is enlightening us. We will find that much of what we fear, regardless of whether it was to become reality, it would not affect our lives that much.

When we do this we are knocking out the bedrock of our fears. Without these supporting beliefs, fear can't remain.

The question that we must ask ourselves are we going to be slaves to our fears or are we going to beat them. When we find out how to master our fears, nothing whatsoever can hold us back.

Not only will this benefit our business, however it will also benefit our lives.

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