Two Surgeries for Your Dog: Ear Cropping and Spaying

By: Julia Bennet

As with any of our family members we want the best for our dogs. This can include having some health and beauty maintenance done. For female dogs it is spaying, which ensures against any unwanted puppies and bacterial infections. The second, associated with particular breeds, the esthetic ear cropping.

The cropping of a dogs ears, having them permanently erect or standing up, is for cosmetic reasons. Certain breeds of dogs are known, such as Dobermans, Pit Bull, and German Shepards, are for having their ears shaped in a certain manner, referred to as cropping. This requires the delicate cutting and reshaping of their ear. It is often complicated by the fact that there are numerous blood vessels in the ear and if not properly done or cared for, can cause infection and other problems later on.

In any case, not all veterinarians will perform this procedure. The cropping procedure does require the dog to be under a year old, and boarding for an overnight stay. Because this is a surgical procedure, it can be traumatic to the dog and quite trying to the owner as it requires a vigilance of keeping the braces or cups in place as well keeping the incisions clean. You can expect a great deal of bleeding at first.

Cropping the ears also takes some time for it to set, anywhere from a couple of months to nearly a year for the ears to permanently remain erect. You or your vet can check the status of this but temporarily removing the cup and or bandages for a couple of hours. It is important that the cup and bandages are secure but not tight on the ears during this healing/forming period as later corrections may cause irreparable damage.

Despite some animal aid organization and celebrity campaigns, our beloved household pet whether intentionally or not are abandoned and later becoming feral, including dogs. In some communities, it has become an epidemic with roaming packs of dogs creating a potentially dangerous situation for children.

Spaying female dogs can help discourage this. Another reason for having female dogs spayed is the prevention of known cancers that can cause a great deal of pain and even death in your dog. During the time the female dog is in heat, her immune system is vulnerable due to the increase in hormones that promote procreation, allowing bacteria to enter into her uterine and vulva cause an infection that can lead to the formation of the mammary or uterine cancers. Unfortunately, detection of the bacteria and the resulting cancers isnt readily seen until the damage has already been done. At this point, major surgery is required.

Spaying is a rather straight forward sterilization procedure that not only prevents her from becoming pregnant but eliminates the potential of your pet getting an infection. Normally, a single day process with follow-ups a few weeks later, your pet wont be bothered with the symptoms of being in heat, the worry of male dogs becoming super beings trying to get at her, and you will ensure a long and healthy life for your dog.

For full veterinary services for your dog, including spaying and ear cropping, the puppy place is the ideal place to be.

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