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By: Ken Onu

Do you consistently set goals for yourself that you then fail to achieve? The reason is that you only put in the requisite amount of effort needed to achieve your goal, not exceed it.

If your goal is to lose 5lbs by next month, you need to plan a diet and exercise regime that will ensure you lose 10lbs. Put in more time and effort and you will see better results.

Sounds like a lot of work? Thatís because it is! The path to success is never easy. Donít underestimate the amount of work required to achieve a goal. But increasing your effort makes it that much more certain that you will reach your target.

Take any given situation and you will find that it takes two times as much effort just to stay afloat. Be it your marriage, parenting, weight loss, or business Ė everything requires two times as much effort!

The point is that things may not necessarily be as easy as you thought. If you thought you had to put in three hours of effort a day, put in six. Plan for more.

For instance, during my first year in University, my goal was to get straight A's in Anatomy. I knew I was not the best student and would have to put in some effort to reach my goal. I thought two hour of study a day should cover it. But instead, I put in four hours of study Ė Monday to Friday.

I knew I had only one chance so I doubled my efforts. The result? Straight A's. It was hard, but it was worth it. Till today in everything I do, I am reminded that I have to double my effort in order to succeed.

One thing is certain Ė anything thatís worth achieving is bound to be a challenge. If it isnít, it probably isnít worthwhile. The road to success is strewn with chaos. And if you find yourself on a smooth ride, then youíre probably not putting in the right amount of effort. Attaining success is no joy ride; itís a roller coaster.

Just make sure you devise a plan that enables you to put in twice as much effort. If you do, you double your chances of succeeding.

Make sure you double your efforts for today.

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Dr Ken Onu is the CEO and founder of Attract Freedom. A Global Community with the sole purpose of empowering people to personal and financial freedom. He is an Eye Doctor with a Vision to eradicate possibility blindness. He is a keen speaker, communicator, entrepreneur and an aspiring author. For Free Videos, Pdf's, audios, insights, ideas and free personal development courses and sessions =>

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