Turnaround Financing Needed ? The Asset Based Line Of Credit Just Might Be The Solution

By: stan prokop

Asset based line of credit? It's an excellent strategy for any firm who is considering viable turnaround options. This finance strategy is also an excellent way to assist a firm in understand what some of its underlying problems are. An Asset based line of credit, commonly referred to as an 'ABL' arrangement can be instituted even if the company is not profitable or in fact is experiencing financial duress.!br>

Prior to considering an ABL many firms will find they are experiencing sever cash flow pressures. Traditional working capital is shrinking, and sometimes external factors to the business simply exacerbate the financial challenge. If the business owner or financial executive do not take charge at this point a business failure in fact is likely.
Many firms gravitate towards an ABL arrangement after their bank operating line of credit. Most business owners quickly realize both the benefits and the risk of having significant bank lines in place. Traditionally these lines of credit are secured by receivables and inventory. Businesses are told they can borrow up to a certain limit based on these facilities. Every month the company submits detailed lists of a/r and inventory and can borrow certain pre agreed upon limits against those assets.
Banks typically advance 75% of those receivables that are under 90 days. In asset based lines of credit facilities that amount is 90% of receivables, creating immediate additional liquidity.

Banks have become much more cautious on inventory, that is simply because they don't, and cant be expected, to understand each firms inventory values and products. Asset based lenders tend to have much more experience in these matters and are more often than not inventory experts. Therefore advances against inventory are much higher. Again, what does that do, well it of course creates additional liquidity.

Many, if not most, oh, lets be honest, all banks , set maximum borrowing limits that are dependant on other external factors such as other collateral they hold, perceived operating risk, and the value of personal guarantees of the shareholders.
Bank operating lines are best when a firm is experience steady, but not erratic growth, and when the firm can operate comfortably within its borrowing limits as agreed upon with the bank.

When firms run into financial challenges they of course have a business that is contracting in many ways. Therefore borrowing against receivables and inventory becomes limited, and the bills that need to be paid are of course paid with less cash available and on hand.
It is at this point that many businesses realize they are starting to default on bank covenants. In many cases, for a variety of reasons, sales are falling.
It is very difficult for a business owner to both realize what is happening, and, moreso of a challenge, correct the problem. Financial losses only augment the cash flow problem. Many companies in fact aren't trouble by operating losses, but have simply over expanded. Business owners get into the mindset that if they are expanding, there can't be a problem! Most financial executives know that a company can fail not for lack of profit, but from lack of liquidity.

The time to consider an asset based line of credit is probably right now. The customers bank either has, or is reviewing its options relative to collateral and security arrangements. The bank will start to take measure to ensure it gets paid in full - this typically includes reducing operating lines of credit, formally calling a loan and setting new deadlines for the customer to 'right' the business, or exit the bank relationship.

It is at this time the customer should be focusing on alternative lending sources such as the asset based line of credit with non-bank finance firms. This facility improves liquidity, places less reliance on external guarantees and collateral, and can operate with a firm that is getting back on its track to profitability. We hasten to add that a severe financial 'death spiral' cannot be properly address by either the bank or the asset based line of credit solution.

The business owner and manager must recognize the current financial situation, and address that situation in as prompt and efficient manner as possible. The Asset Based Line Of Credit aka ' ABL Lending' can do that. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your borrowing needs.

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