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By: Richard McGee

Are you maximizing your marketing efforts by using a proper mix? Websites are a great way to put information out and even generate revenue. They are not however a branding tool that will easily reach the masses. A good friend of mine and I did a little experiment and proved that not only do you need a well built website and good website design, you also need branding. SEO and pay per click (SEM) campaigns for companies that have a great brand name out perform campaigns for companies with no brand recognition. Most internet marketers come at you with the view that internet marketing is the be all end all and you need to spend all your money with them. Again I say that small businesses in Tucson need a good brand name and great website design and SEO to be successful.

As my website climbs higher and higher in the search engine rankings, my daily blogging becomes easier. With results comes a sense of accomplishment. I have been trying to get my website to rank for the keywords, SEO Tucson, Website Design Tucson, and Website Tucson. Content has always been and probably always will be king with the search engines so I have been grinding out the content. A of today I am still page one for SEO Tucson in Yahoo and Bing and have moved up again in Google. I am now up to page three! It is very exciting to find I can rank myself organically without the use of places. I do this for customers quite often but I know that there is a lot of competition going after the same keyword combinations I am.

RAM Consulting not only provides great website design and SEO for clients, RAM consulting provides knowledge and empowerment to help make the most of their marketing dollars. There is a lot of research and many ways to track results for any type of campaign. Some can use tracking phone numbers of tracking URL’s. In other instances the amount of traffic to a site before another type of campaign is started compared to after is a great indicator of what is working. Any way you slice it knowledge is power! Make sure you are tracking your efforts and making sure you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

How many companies claim they do website design and SEO in Tucson? I would guess hundreds. Everyone always wants to ride the latest wave to riches but don't seem to take the time to research what they are doing. I always love it when I get that call from the unsuspecting salesman who does not realize what RAM Consulting does. First the claim to be with Google which is lies #1. Next they guarantee me placement on page one of Google searches which is lie number two. After this they tell me they understand my business needs. This is impossible as they have no idea what I do for a living.

When looking for a Tucson Website Designer it is always best to go with a company that has a reputation for getting the job done and making sure the site will rank in the search engines. Finding a Tucson SEO and Website Design company can be a daunting task as there seems to be one on every corner these days. A number of these Tucson SEO and Website Design companies are so massive that their pricing is completely out of line with what the market is demanding these days. Most Tucson Website Design and SEO companies are working from very small offices or even from home these days.

Everyone has a horror story about the company that paid $4000 for a website and the designer just disappeared. This can be avoided if you properly vet your designer. Most companies that have been in business for a while have a long list of satisfied customers and references that they can provide.

SEO is not something that anyone can jump into and do with great success although their are many out there that claim they provide these services and have no background. Look for someone that has a computer sciences degree of some sort and a few years of experience behind them. Website design trade schools and graphic art centers are churning out website designers at an alarming rate, but not really teaching them how to rank these sites very well.

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