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To see whether a woman be happy you can see her hands, hands like woman's second face, have no facial expressions, but do not pretend to record the life bit by bit. Re busy life, and only happy people in the mood to give love a good hold of the hands carefully. The truth is, hands care, you need to protect patient and persistent. Hands working most of our body, is most active part of the work, the hands to face the dry air, the computer's radiation, back home to do some housework or less children, how can a pair of soft smooth the hand bear the long-term the toss? It is impossible to avoid, but at least after the work process and adequate care to the hands.
Habits of protecting hand are more important than nourishing, moisturizing hand that painted hand cream after each wash? Far more than this, the habits in daily life, are often larger than the more detailed the role of hand cream. Following are good habits guard:
1. To use mild soap to wash your hands with moisturizing effectiveness, wash your hands with warm water. After each wash, do not dry so water and immediately coated with hand cream, skin moisture lock. Remember do it every time rather than daily.
2. Do housework before applying hand cream. When you want to contact with irritants, such as various detergents, it is best to wear rubber gloves; in doing housework, or other crafts of the time, but also to prepare for themselves a pair of cotton gloves, protect your hands.
3. Encountered a small barb, not directly to rough it out, that would cause bleeding and pain, the wound is also unsightly. Should be hand dipped in warm water to soften the skin, then cut the barb, and then coated with hand cream.
4. Select one of the most suitable for your skin hand cream nourishes your skin and make your skin soft , white and tender , to make your second face is more beautiful.

It seems from these habits guard, a hand cream for you is very important. First of all, canít use cream instead of hand cream, cared for the delicate toil of the hands and face suffered by the degree of injury can be a big difference, face cream canít form an effective protective film rivals. Now the hand cream variety, from the simplest to nourish moisturizing, whitening, sun, freckle wrinkles, deep care, repair Ö the best hand according to their characteristics and seasonal needs of the skin, the choice of different types of care Hand Cream. Of course, the long-term labor to ease the hands of regular hand drill, the hand massage is a must, massage, conveniently Department of pores open, the blood circulation of the hands can also relieve the deep pressure. , Blood circulation, in the hands evenly coat the back of exfoliating cream, removes the skin surface of aging skin. Then moisten a cotton pad saturated with moisture or cream evenly deposited on the back of the hand, the market has a similar one-time use of non-woven face mask to facilitate the hand-shaped membrane, can be directly deposited with, gently torn off after 15 minutes, apply an appropriate amount hand cream.
Love yourselves and love your hands.

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