Try These Closely-Guarded Power Words to Boost Profits

By: John Tanner

When writing sales copy there are power words that are often underestimated by writers. These words can increase your sales. Using power words can make the difference between a powerful, successful marketing campaign and a mediocre campaign. A successful marketer can tell you that power words are the building blocks of successful copywriting. It is power words that draw in your reader and feeds the reader's compulsion to act on your information.

Marketing is more than what you are selling, a more important piece of marketing is HOW you are selling. While many people attempt to generate an income online many do not have the know-how when it comes to strong sales copy so their attempts end as dismal failures.

Luckily for you, you are about to jump ahead of the competition and drastically improve your ability to succeed.

The bottom line is, powerful copy is what's going to sell your product. If you don't know how to write a compelling sales letter you MUST find another way to get it done.

You can:

-Hire a professional (can be expensive for someone who knows what they're doing)

-Study copywriting (best option but it can take a while)

- Fill in the blanks in a pre-made template and have your copy read like everyone else's sales copy thereby losing your uniqueness.

- Copywriting software. There are some software solutions that can help you write like a professional, see below for details.

Here's a gift: I am going to reveal 15 power words to you that are going to help you convert readers into customers. To kick off this list I will clue you in to one of the strongest power words that you can use. The whole concept behind this word is so powerful that it should pervade every action you take in your marketing strategies.

Over the years there have been many ads and sales letters, both online and offline, I have ran across that drone on about what the person who wrote the ad has to offer the customer. This might have seemed logical while the person was writing the ad but in reality using this approach harms sales. Prospects don't care what you have to give them, the emphasis in your sales needs to be off of YOU and on the prospect. Your prospective customers are focused on themselves and you will have to be as well if you want to close the deal. 'What's in it for me?' is the ONLY question they want answered.

This introduces the important key; your sales concept needs to center around the word "You" and focusing on the importance of your customer and what's in it for them. Switching the focus from "I" and "me" to "you" will make your ad and sales copy bring in sales like a bright light in the evening brings in flying insects.

Obviously "you" is one of the most powerful words you could use in your sales copy.

Keeping this in mind, let's move onto the list of 15 power words that can give your sales letter an incredible boost!

1. 100% Money Back

2. Amazing

3. Announcing

4. Now

5. Plus

6. Boost

7. You

8. Compare

9. Discount

10. Discovery

11. Insider

12. Exclusive

13. 100% Money Back

14. Free

15. Announcing

With the hundreds of power words that are available you can increase your income by giving your ad and sales copy the power it needs. There's also another kind of word I didn't cover here. The "response-killer". These words can have a very negative impact on your results if used improperly.

Effective use of these power words is necessary and, although you have some of the words, figuring out how and where to use them is not always easy. Finding the words is only the first step, afterwards you must memorize them and then you get to the hard part; using them. You need to know exactly when and where to use these words to boost your your sales and bring a steady stream of buyers to your product.

Fortunately there's a breakthrough software called ScribeJuice that can help you easily master this powerful sales vocabulary so you can infuse all your ad and sales copy with response-driving, hypnotic power words - AND avoid using words that can kill your sales.

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