Try One, You Will Try Another

By: Echo Refine

Christina is my roommate. We have been roommates for nearly two years. We are such good friends that we almost do everything together.
However, recently she came into a tough problem. Her eyeglasses were broken. Well, you may think that this is not a tough problem. Just buy another one, and everything will be figured out. However, things arenít as easy as what you think. If this happened several months ago, yes, it would just like what you have supposed before. While things change, the situation isnít like what it was before.
Several months ago, her mother was ill very seriously. It would cost her family more than ten thousand USD because her mother had to be operated. Therefore, it would be easy for you to understand why buying another pair of eyeglasses had been a tough problem for her. The economy situation of her family wasnít bad. In fact, they led a happy life. Living in that kind of family, Christina has high requirement to her life quality. She believes that if she needs to buy something, the quality of that thing should be quite high. Otherwise, she chooses not to buy.
Due to her mentality, you can understand that buying a pair of eyeglasses could be a tough problem for her. As her best friend and roommate, I was incumbent on helping her buying eyeglasses.
I looked for the eyeglass stores around our school; unfortunately, I couldnít find one pair of eyeglasses that was suitable. There are two reasons. Firstly, the price of eyeglasses is too high that's beyond my economy supporting capability because, after all, I am a student, too, and my family also isnít rich. I donít have that much money to buy eyeglasses. Secondly, the quality and design of eyeglasses are not so good. Even if I bought one for Christina, she wouldnít like it.
Therefore, I tried to search eyeglasses online. Since I could buy clothes online, then I might buy eyeglasses online. Then I found that Glassesshop is a first-rank online eyeglass store. I opened the homepage of Glassesshop. Surprisingly, the price of eyeglasses is too low to believe. Then I went to the Eyewear Community to have a look. I realized that all consumers were satisfied with the eyeglasses they bought in Glassesshop. Then I tried to buy one pair of fashionable eyeglasses for Christina. When I gave her the eyeglasses I bought for her, she was very glad. She loved the eyeglasses I bought for her. And after a long timeís wearing, she told me the quality of eyeglasses was pretty good.
From then on we frequently go to visit Glassesshop. I bought another pair of eyeglasses for my father. Thatís true that if only you try to buy one pair of eyeglasses in Glassesshop, then you will try to buy another pair.

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