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So you’re thinking… “I eat right, exercise regularly, and take daily supplements, but lately I am feeling sluggish and foggy – what can I do to get back the energy and clarity that I used to have?”

The chances are good that your body can benefit from cleansing and detoxification.

Our bodies can build up toxins over time that can manifest in a variety of symptoms, including sluggishness or fatigue, bloating, trouble focusing, blotchy skin, trouble sleeping, tight muscles and achy joints. These toxins come from a variety of places such as our food, air, water, and the body’s natural processes. While the body is constantly eliminating toxins from the system, there is a limit to what it can do without additional assistance – in most cases we are literally taking in more toxins than the body can eliminate. We all take showers to keep the outsides of our bodies clean, it makes sense then that we would need to make an effort to help keep the insides of our bodies clean.

Cleansing the inside of the body is known to increases energy levels, improve digestion and concentration, improve the appearance and health of the skin, and can also aid weight loss. The overall health improvements that come with eliminating toxins from the body also help to reduce the risk of chronic health conditions and disease.

A body cleanse can consist of water, juice, raw food, and/or herbal supplements. The use of herbs to help eliminate toxins from the body has been practiced for thousands of years and can provide additional health benefits. If you have low energy despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, consider cleansing with natural herbs.

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