Truth About Abs - Why You Need to Eat 5 to 6 Times per Day For Quick Fat Loss

By: Vin Parkman

Has belly fat around the tummy got you discouraged but you don't know a way to lose it? You can lose belly fat by taking a few simple steps to start your loss of fat. The 1st step is cleaning up and structuring your daily nutrition plan. You won't burn fat until you get this fixed first.

A good amount of clients I have helped out over the years have the same daily routine for eating. They skip breakfast or barely eat anything, then they move to a high carbohydrate lunch, and finish off with a enormous dinner in the evening. The complete structure of the day is backwards and actually ends up in long term gains in fat. They may perhaps only be eating 2,000 calories a day and can't figure out why they are gaining weight and can't lose belly fat.

If you're guilty of eating solely 3 times a day and the bulk of those calories are during the evening then check out this next tip. You can probably eat the identical amount of food everyday but actually start getting a six pack.

Start with a big breakfast full of protein, carbs, plus healthy fats. It's o.k. to go big for breakfast because you are beginning your day and your metabolism needs to be elevated. The meal you in the morning is the least likely to be stored as fat. The rest of the day must be steady mealss of healthy foods every 3 hours to keep the metabolism burning fat. That does not mean you have to sit all the way down to a meal five to six times a day but it will mean you may have 3 planned meals plus a minimum of two healthy snacks in between.

The longer you go while not eating the slower your metabolic rate gets. Severe dieting actually leads to less fat loss, fast muscle deterioration, lower fat loss hormones, plus low energy. This ends up in stubborn fat that won't melt away unless you do a whole 180 in how you eat.

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