Truffle Oil Brings Out the Gourmet in Home Cooks

By: Rubel Zaman

If you have never smelled or tasted real truffles and the oil that is made from them you are definitely missing out on a culinary treat! Truffles are considered a food of the Gods throughout the world and their price reflects that because they most definitely are not cheap! The scent of truffles is described as very sensual and with an earthy hint. Many say it is similar to an aphrodisiac as one small whiff of this delectable mushroom like flavor sends one heavenward. The oil itself is usually a combination of several oils that may be steeped with tiny bits of actual truffle to infuse flavoring that can be rather harsh if used too intensely. And it is used primarily as “finishing” oil and not for cooking as heating it too much can adulterate the flavor. Simply drizzle a small amount over your favorite dishes such as salads, soups, or meat dishes and it improves everything it is introduced to.

Truffle oil hints at sublime taste but never dominates

To truly enjoy most any dishes you’ve prepared simply add a small drizzle of either white or black truffle oil over the top and serve. The difference between white and the black truffles is minimal and obtaining either is primarily a seasonal choice. The aroma is what tempts your taste buds to begin craving a taste and you begin to salivate, desiring the savory food before you. With the main ingredient of truffle oil being a high quality olive oil, you can infuse most any appetizer or entrée with an entirely different yet subtle flavor and scent that just might drive your dinner guests wild. Appease them with truffle vodka for the after dinner drink and you will be praised for weeks to come!

What exactly are truffles and where do they come from?

Long considered a gourmet ingredient for many food items the truffle is actually a mushroom like growth found primarily beneath the surface and growing only in certain areas. Some find it unpleasant but many people appreciate the addition of a small amount of truffle oil and consider it decadent and an absolutely irresistible “guilty pleasure”. They can be found in solid or liquid form with the truffle oil being the liquid made by infusing small amounts of truffles into high quality oil particularly olive oil along with other flavorings to create a delectable and aromatic addition to foods. It is considered finishing oil rather than a cooking oil and should be stored in a refrigerator to maintain the proper odor and flavor.

Show your family your cooking talents while improving their palates

Add some truffle oil to most any meal you have prepared and see how impressed your family and dinner guests will be. Simply drizzle small amounts over salads, vegetables such as sweet potatoes, green beans, or broccoli, and even steaks, shrimp, and hamburger patties fresh off the grill. Truffle oil also works well when topping egg dishes such as omelets and poaches eggs. The possible uses are nearly endless and when your family appreciates the delicate yet earthy flavor of truffles you will know you’ve improved their palate and taste immensely.

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