Truck Ladder Racks: An Affordable yet Practical Storage Solution

By: Julia Bennet

Contrary to what many people think, a truck ladder rack is not just used by building contractors and other professionals in the construction industry. They can actually be used by any ordinary individual who needs to transport a particularly large item or truck equipment to a faraway location.

For example, if you are going away on a weekend trip and are planning to take your bike along with you for some off-trail exploration, a truck ladder rack would be the perfect way to transport it without having to disassemble the bike and stashing the parts inside your vehicle.

Ladder racks can work either as a permanent or a temporary storage solution, depending on your needs. If you are going to use them a lot, you can choose to have a permanent rack installed on top of your vehicle. On the contrary, if it is just going to be for occasional usage, you can buy one that you can attach to your vehicle anytime you need it.

Either way, a truck ladder rack can definitely boost the storage space in your vehicle and allow you to carry more load such as bags, bikes, and heavy truck equipment without having them take up any additional space on the inside of your vehicle.

What’s really great about these accessories is that they are a lot cheaper than many people assume. In fact, so many truck owners are dissuaded from having racks installed on their vehicles by the assumption that the installation process alone would already cost them a huge chunk of money.

While ladder racks certainly are not for sale for a trifling amount, the cost is surprising low compared to other storage options. For just a little more than a hundred bucks, you can already have a dependable rack to contain your truck equipment and practically anything else that you want to take along for your trip.

The cheapest type of ladder rack for trucks in the market today is the modular two-piece racks that can be attached in a few different ways on the back of a truck. They are typically made of a heavy-duty material like steel and do not take up a lot of space on the bed of the truck. In other words, the truck bed can still be used to hold other items while the rack extends the storage capacity at the same time. These racks, however, are only good for small to moderate-sized pickup trucks and have a relatively low weight capacity compared to larger types of truck racks.

For bigger, longer and heavier loads, an adjustable truck ladder rack is more recommended. These can be customized to fit practically any size and length of a truck and they can carry substantially more weight. On the average, the total weight capacity is 250lbs of ladders and other truck equipment all at once.

For a relatively low price, the amount of space in your truck can definitely be multiplied many times by using the right ladder rack, making these accessories very useful and worthwhile indeed.

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