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Triathlon is basically an event consisting of three popular sports which are usually referred for good body health i.e. swimming, cycling and racing. A lot of other additions are also made in the classic event regarding the distances and the events as well. Triathlon world cup and other triathlon series are organized by the triathlon organization every year including participants of almost every age. The winner is decided on the amount of time taken by him or her to complete all the transitions. And to be in the winners list itís very important to be trained properly.
Triathlon training program is the program which contains different daily exercises for you to be the winner or if not winner then at least be able to complete the race. A lot of different programs are available. But the triathlon training program will only be useful if you stand determined. What here I suggest is the general triathlon training program that can be useful for almost every type of training. It is very important to log your day to day progress so in case of triathlon log the health and body metrics so that you can clearly get the idea of your progress.
Triathlon training program must also include the log of the swimming, cycling and racing routes. This will help you a lot in accessing the ability to run in the triathlon. In such type of the events itís very important to build up your stamina. And for it you have to do all the sports daily and you must also keep a track of your heart rate. And the most important is to set up a goal as without a goal itís impossible to reach anywhere. There must be a destination point in order to decide the track towards it.
Nutrition is always an in topic for discussion. Triathlon Training Nutrition needs to be energetic, strengthening and also with less calories. There are a lot of myths regarding Triathlon Training Nutrition that needs to be corrected. Triathlon Training Nutrition plan must be created and also it is very important to change your nutrition plan according to the changes you made in the Triathlon training program. At the start when the volume of training is high but to normalize the fatigue of the muscles it is very important to take the high protein diet. Never exercise with an empty stomach. Do take some protein or carbohydrate rich drink before work out.
With the increase in the volume of the training you are seriously in the need of carbohydrate diet. And if you show carelessness regarding this you will get your immune system affected. The last but not the least it is very essential to have a look at your calorie count after the event. During the training your appetite increase due to workout but after that you relax your body and that can result in weight gain.
Well, there are different variations of triathlon. Olympic, sprint and iron man. They all vary in distance to be covered. In sprint relatively less distance needs to be covered. Sprint Triathlon Training involves almost all the same steps as the other Olympic training programs involve. The only difference is Sprint Triathlon Training involves less workout and relatively small goals.

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