Triathlon Training Programme _ What to Eat and What not to Eat

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The triathlon training programme is essentially a total body work out combining running, bicycling and swimming. The plan is to make all the muscles work perfectly and build up more strength as well as keep you motivated which is cardinal in any work out plan ever devised. And of course you lose weight fast which happens to be the biggest attraction.
Since the triathlon training programme is strenuous in nature, it requires more than just physical exertion. Triathletes should be aware of the triathlon training nutrition as well to have faster and reliable results. Eating properly and healthy produce is essential in order to make sure that your body is fully prepared for the tough exercise routine and that the muscles are strong enough to bear the strain of the training sessions.
Triathletes are supposed to carbohydrate rich food e.g. brown rice, spinach and whole grains etc. These foods provide the required energy for training and do not affect the blood sugar content while keeping you healthy. Protein diet including fish and low fat yogurt should also be consumed as they help in muscle growth. Moreover it is important to have a balanced intake of vitamin and minerals. For that, fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source. In short triathlon participant should eat a protein rich diet with high carbohydrates and as less fat as possible. Furthermore, athletes need to stay hydrated as dehydration can endanger health and will decrease the performance of the athletes. They need to have a plenty of liquid intake during the intervals of the training in order to perform well and gain positive results quickly.
Apart from eating healthy, the timing of the meals also plays an important role in triathlon training programme. Athletes should ideally consume their meals 2 to 4 hours before their workout and no longer than 2 hours after a workout. However, athletes can consume a snack rich in the nutrients mentioned above. Whole grain crackers, bananas and protein shakes are some of the best snacks that can be had during the training.
As most of us are aware of the advantages of consuming fresh produce and getting the right combination of the nutrients, junk and fast food should not be a part of the regular diet at all and all the abominable things related to them are true and precise. Fast food will be a big hindrance in the way of a triathlete and will be detrimental to his overall health. Similarly frozen foods are also detrimental since they have lost most of the nutritional value in the process of their preparation and later become soggy to eat.
In the light of the facts stated above, it has become obvious that triathlon training programme combined with the awareness of the triathlon training nutrition can be a deadly combination in order to combat excessive weight and low muscle strength and can give faster and more reliable results as compared to any other total body work out plan or food chart devised by physical trainers and nutritionists respectively.

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