Trendy Home Carpeting Colors for 2011

By: Robert Thomson

If you're trying to decide on a carpet color for the home, you've probably heard people say that color choice is completely up to the homeowner. While this is true to a point, there are some hues that are more popular than others. Whether you're trying to stick to simple, neutral tones or ready to make an eclectic update to the home, there are certain considerations you'll want to take in mind. We have the low-down on what color options are in style and which aren't.

Generally speaking, light home carpeting colors make the room seem large and open, while darker colors have the opposite effect, making rooms feel cozy and small. Since darker carpet colors show lint and dust easier, they can also make a room feel especially tiny. On the other hand, lighter shades show dirt marks easier. You can choose warm colors in spaces that lack light, while cool hues such as green and blue are perfect for establishing a calming effect. Just by looking at the basic categories of color, you can already see how the hue you choose will play a major role on the tone of the room.

Sure, color is important, but for some people, it's not enough. Today's trends focus more on daring, bold carpets that come in the form of patterns, bright colors, plaids and florals. This may be too far-fetched for your home, but it's certainly worth considering if you want to make a statement in your living quarters, while being still trendy. If you want to choose something different without being eccentric, you can opt for a Berber or frieze that incorporates many different colors so that your carpet looks like it's sprinkled with confetti.

Today's homes still favor the neutral home carpeting colors of beige, grey and white, but many homes are shifting their focus toward a more livable and comfortable atmosphere. For example, reds, purples and blues are a main focus of today's carpets, even if these accents are minor. Many interior decorators believe that with the acceptance of globalization and environmental causes, people are more willing to accept a large spectrum of color.

According to the BASF Corporation, here's what you can expect in terms of home carpeting color:

Grey - Always popular and moves along with the trends.

Brown - Becoming more popular and can seamlessly integrate such hues as red and violet.

Blue - Inspired by nature and looks lovely when paired with light green or off-white colors.

Violet - Looks wonderful in homes that have an Asian influence or are inspired by spirituality.

Red/Pink - These cheerful tones are best for accent colors and have strong undertones with blue and black.

Yellow - Although not as popular in today's carpet colors, much of the shift has transferred over to gold and mustard yellows.

Orange - This color is one that you won't find dominating the marketplace any time soon, although some people believe that this will be the future of carpet colors.

Green - This is another hue that isn't a leading carpet color, although it is often paired with yellows and greys.

While it may be true that there is no right or wrong home carpeting color, you'll want to make a decision based on your overall decor and personal preferences. Fortunately, the market has never been as accepting of color as it is today, so now is the best time to make that bold move that you've been wanting to and opt for a bright and vibrant flooring to reflect your personality!

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