Trends on Web Design in 2012

By: Glenda Himes

About a decade or more ago someone once defined the internet as reading a magazine and going to your neighborís house to ask him to come over and turn to the next page for you. That has been how sluggish, heavy and tiresome the WWW was.

But so much has evolved on the net that you can scarcely recognize it from just a few years ago. Just as much as cars bring out a new model every four years with evolutionary changes, the net goes on a facelift every year.

Just before the year ends, promising styles on web designs come out. Half the year was already consumed. Letís observe just what the standouts are:


2010 was considered the year of the tablet. Of course web designs have been scrambling to generate sites that are touch-friendly. With more and more variants of iPhone and iPad and almost every cell phone becoming Android-controlled, web design has created an alternative entity concentrating on mobile site designs which have touch screen capability.

See how netbooksí prices are sliding further down. It simply goes to show that itís heading the way of the prehistoric and mobile devices is the new frontier.

Web Design Big and Small

Also described as Responsive Web Design, this is just web designs which are adaptable whether you put it on a wide screen, flat panel, full HD capacity 32 inch monitor or a palm-sized iPhone or a 7inch Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This is the reason why some internet sites are categorized into mobile and the standard full site. The mobile sites are the scaled down editions of the full site to prevent overcrowding. But as Responsive Web Design is rising up the trend hierarchy, so will web designs become more remarkably evolved that easily converts from full screen to palm-sized.


Forget Tumblr (leave them to the tweens), WordPress continues to be master with regards to content management system or CMS. Still the favorite choice of bloggers and as a website, WordPress has recently come out with its 3.0 version with newer designs and fresh new capabilities like custom post and unique article images.

Downloaded 65 million times since it was launched last December, WordPress has made itself simpler to get around, understand and is still the favored son of reinvention.


For some strange, psychological reason, the circle shape has an attractive draw as a web design. Tests were done on what shape has the most eye-catching power and this round shape earned it hands down. Because of this, most logos are circle-centric. This 2012, particularly, it has been gaining swift reputation in the web design industry.

Magazines Going Online

Not that weíre not feeling rather sentimental to view the gradual demise of print, but trees are happy and itís much more stream-lined. No more large heaps we donít know what to do with.

Publications are reinventing themselves too by moving towards the online camp. Itís like transferring office and finally adapting the latest technology that's been disregarded due to budget constrained. Itís a new era for media.

These are thrilling times for the web design industry as a great deal are still unexplored territory. Something totally new is usually developing and itís just amazing to look at them go by like a parade.

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