Treatments for Feline Arthritis Caused by Obesity

By: SA Perillo

To see your cat in pain with arthritis is a very saddening sight to see. Degenerative joint disease in cats is a difficult situation to handle but thanks to the introduction of new medication and treatment, both pet and pet owners learn how to adjust to limitations brought about by arthritis. Pet owners are more familiar to arthritis caused by fracture on the joint or uneven growth of new bone causing strains on the movements. Actually, obesity in cats is another cause of arthritis. The excess weight of the body is the source of tension on the joints. But there are still ways to control the pain and delay the progress of symptoms.

Start weight management

According to statistics, half of the pets in the U.S. are overweight. Remember that surgical and medical procedures will be more effective if the cat is on its right weight. It is the responsibility of pet owners to keep the weight of their cats at the right value. There is a wrong notion that fat cats are healthy but actually they are more prone to carious diseases. Cats do not have ability to take control of their food intakes. It is all in the pet owners hands on how the cat can address weight problems.

Inactivity is common among obese cats. Excess weight makes the cat caloric requirement at a low rate resulting to difficulty in losing weight. The simple step to take is to feed your cat with ‘light’ food or feed your cat with small amounts several times a day. Restricting food for your cat will not help in shedding the extra pounds; it will just make your cat start binge eating. This can also cause severe damage to the liver. Weight management is a slow process; results will not come in an instant. Talk to your veterinarian to determine the correct dietary plan for your cat. On the other hand, some arthritic cats are too thin because the pain of the swollen area prevents them from going to the food source. However, there are other diseases related to weight reduction like kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. Bring your cat to an animal clinic for series of physical examination and blood tests. Subjecting your cat to blood tests can help identify the current health condition. Make food bowls accessible for your cats with inflamed body parts due to arthritis.

Do simple exercise routines

Exercise is essential for cats with arthritis. Simple work out will help your cat to reduce the pressure felt on the swollen areas. Introducing exercise to your pet should be done in a gradual manner. Routines should be taught to a pet in a step-by-step process. Pet owners can also avail of toys to encourage pet to be active and mobile.

Try physical therapy for animals

Animal massage specialists have the skills in helping stiff muscles of your cat to soften a bit. These specialists have techniques to slowly bring back the normal motion of the inflamed joints. Plus, you can do massages on your cat at home. You can begin by petting the area and gently kneading the muscle surrounding the joint. Use your fingertips to create circular motion on the muscle. Check the reaction of your pet and continue if necessary.

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