Treatments For Bipolar Depression

By: John D Davis

Bipolar disorders which are usually caused by the chemical imbalances in the brain, can be treated and reduced to a certain level and for some, symptomatic recovery also has been achieved.

Usually medications are given for the patients who suffer from bipolar disorder. Any body who seek the help of a doctor must try to see a good and experienced doctor since the bipolar depression is sometimes misdiagnosed as major depression, schizophrenia or other mental problems.

Usually Lithium medications are given for the people who suffer from this manic depressive illness. Anticonvulsant medicines like Depakote, Sodium Valproate, Tegretol, Lamotrigine, Neurontin, Topamax etc are also found very effective to reduce the disease to a maximum level. Sometimes anticunvulsants are combined with Lithium for more effect. Aripriprazole is also given to treat the mixed episodes of bipolar 1 depression. The mood stabilizers usually help to control the disease to an extent. Other medications are also given by the doctors if it is necessary or if the condition is very severe. Usually the doctors give extra medicines along with the medication for a short period of time. Doctors may also give some medicines along with the proper medication which can help the patient to get more sleep and also to reduce the mental pressures. We should consult the doctor about the other medicines or the natural supplements we are taking as it may cause some adverse effects if used along with these medicines.

Medications can help as a bridge which helps to overcome the disease. But sudden effects may not be there for the medications. The ups and downs in the mood of the patient can continue for weeks and months. But they will definitely help to decrease the frequency and the severity of the ups and downs in the mood.

Usually there can be some side effects for these medicines but it differs from person to person too. Usually this includes weight gain, tremor, nausea, reduced sexual interest, anxiety, dry mouth, hair loss, some problems in the movements etc. Usually the women who plan to conceive, who are feeding or are pregnant are not recommended to use these medicines as they can cause some risks or adverse effects to the babies. If there is any side effect seen after starting the medication or by after some days, the patient should tell the Doctor about all the problems. Never ever stop the medicines or change the dosage of the medicines with out the doctor’s advice. It can cause the disease to come again or it can also worsen the disease a lot.

Some psychosocial treatments are also given for the bipolar depression. This includes psychotherapy usually given by a licensed psychologist, and also some social workers or counselors who works together with the psychiatrist. Usually they give counseling’s or talk therapies through different sessions which help the patients to regain the mental abilities like self confidence and will power. Psychologists are also giving some cognitive behavioral therapies, psycho educations and family therapies which help the patient to reach the normal level. Some interpersonal and social rhythm therapies are also given to regularize their daily routines or relationships.

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