Treatment and Remedial Methods for Haemorrhoids

By: Alex Shabanov

'Piles', or clinically known as Haemorrhoids, is a general medical condition which is deemed by swollen and inflamed veins surrounding the lower part of rectum and anus. Haemorrhoids presence can be quite uneasy and shameful. Individuals suffering from Haemorrhoids experience uneasiness, itching and sometimes mild bleeding too. Occasionally, haemorrhoids can be painful and cause a lot of difficulties to patients. However, it is reassuring to discover that there are treatments available to get rid of hemorrhoids safely and effectively, and this article will briefly cover these methods.
1. Creams and ointments – In most cases, if the signs from haemorrhoids are mild, doctors generally recommend a soothing creams or ointments that can be used to reduce uneasiness. These creams usually contain active component such as hydrocortisone, which is very efficient remedy to relieve swelling seen in piles. Treatment is usually given for a few months, and this can often give an effective haemorrhoid comfort.
2. Change in eating habits – One of the main reasons why haemorrhoids happen is because of the lack of fibre in the diet, leading to constipation and excessive straining during bowel evacuation. This creates a lot of pressure on the wall of the rectum and on the anus, inflicting the veins to swell leading to the development of piles. Adding fibre in the diet and drink lots of water able to soften the movements, as well as helps to relief haemorrhoids naturally.
3. Surgical treatment - If the above methods does not work, your doctor may recommend minimally invasive procedure to help get rid of haemorrhoids. Usually, the procedure that does not caused significant uneasiness is performed to heal haemorrhoids. This may include the following:
a. Rubber band ligation - This is a straightforward procedure where rubber bands are tied around the swollen veins to block them and reduce inflammation. Finally, the haemorrhoids will fall without pain.
b. Sclerotherapy – A medical is injected into the haemorrhoids, which makes it shrink.
c. Laser treatment - This is not a very efficient treatment, because occasionally, haemorrhoids can recur and require further treatment.
In more complicated cases of haemorrhoids, invasive procedure could also be essential. This may include stapling of the haemorrhoids or complete surgical removal. However, these methods do have many complications that may distress the patient. Moreover, medications consuming is needed to prevent haemorrhoids from occurring again. Your doctor will undergo it thoroughly with you.
As a conclusion, there are several of clinical ways for haemorrhoids treatment. However, each of the methods is associated with some side effects, and there are probabilities they'll re-occur.
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