Treatment Options Can Put Snoring To Rest

By: Tom Sample

Snoring isn't generally a problem for the person making the noise unless a medical condition is causing the issue or sleep is actually lost as a result. But for those who live with a person who snores, sleep can be impossible to obtain. If snoring is a major issue for the person who does it or the person or people who live with it, it's time to start exploring snoring treatment options. These options can range from simple sleep position adjustments to major surgery.

Before panicking that surgery is the only option, it's a good idea to examine the situation. Ask yourself how long the condition has been present? Is it due to an ongoing cold or other minor illness that has impaired ability to breath at night? If snoring has been a long-term problem, outside help might be in order. If it's due to a cold or it's a relatively new condition, over the counter treatments or even a change of sleep positions can help.

If snoring is a fairly new nighttime prospect, it may be that you've changed your sleeping position lately. Sleeping on the back tends to promote snoring, so try your side or stomach. For pregnant women this may be impossible, but like all the other inconveniences of pregnancy, this too will pass.

Other primary causes of snoring include:

* Weight. If you're overweight, even slightly, this can create issues with nighttime airflow. Losing as little as a few pounds might help lessen the snoring bouts.

* Stay away from alcohol at night. This has been shown to increase incidents of snoring.

* Stay away from sedatives and other drugs that cause drowsiness. They have been shown to relax throat muscles to the point they increase airway obstructions that can relate to snoring.

* Sinus infections, colds and so on. Temporary illnesses can increase a person's propensity to snore. Generally the snoring will pass along with the illness.

If a cold or weight don't seem to be the cause of snoring, more investigation may be required. There are a number of over the counter items such as nose strips, breathing masks and even saline nose spray that may help. But, if the cause is unclear and lost sleep is becoming a problem or interfering with the quality of life, a doctor's visit is likely in order.

Medical treatments for snoring can be pretty basic or fairly complex. On the upside, generally more than 90 percent of those with a sleep apnea related condition can be treated without using an invasive technique. If surgery is called for to help fix the problem, it can be meant to address a number of different conditions. Some common issues that cause snoring include a need to remove or shrink soft tissue at the back of the throat, a need for the tonsils or adenoids to come out and even sinus or septum issues.

Snoring isn't a real problem unless it interferes with sleep - yours or someone else's. If this is the case, a solid snoring treatment may be the only option. There's no need to go through life with inadequate sleep if help is available.

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