Treating Diseases like Heartworm in Pets

By: SA Perillo

Heartworm is a condition, which results from larval infection caused by insect and mosquito bites. Consequently, these bites can get infected and develop into more serious conditions which would become highly dangerous and fatal for your pets. Though there are quite a number of ways and methods to cure this, why would you have to reach that point? Would it not be over a thousand times better if there were no sickness to cure in the first place? As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Indeed, why would you resort to medicines, which would only seek to repair and heal already existing illnesses, when you could otherwise apply preventive measures or supplements that would nip any potentially harmful condition right in the bud. Wouldn’t it be convenient if pet owners would be able to do the same for their beloved pets?

Luckily for pet owners like us, with the advancement of modern science and medicine, numerous studies and discoveries have lead to more and more heartworm preventive methods for the benefit of pets and owners alike. This is merely the same principle as with any loved one you would wish to care for and steer away from any harm. This is why we prefer and look to preventive medicines more so than we do ones that offer cure. However while preventive medicines differ greatly from curing medicines by nature, they come and are offered in mostly similar forms and methods.

Like heartworm cures, preventive heartworm medicines also come in two or three forms. First is the administering of the medicine through the use of injections. However, there are a lot of areas that frown upon this method much in the same way that they frown upon the use of injections on animals most especially in the United States. Perhaps this reminds everyone too much of the method in which most animals, especially dogs, is “put to sleep”. Hence, let us do away with the whole concept of injections, as this would be more difficult to administer anyway and would often need the professional supervision of a licensed veterinarian. On the other hand are much safer and more practical methods like oral or topical (often called “spot on”) preventive treatments. Oral methods are perhaps the most practical and advisable because they can be administered by just about any pet owner. There are even prescription drugs that are usually available in flavored pills, such as beef or pork liver, etc. This is easiest when dealing with rowdy and hard to keep still kind of dogs because you can simply mix this in with the dog food and your dog is good to go. Lastly we also have what we call “spot on” preventive treatments or topical variants that may be applied directly on the affected areas. However some skins might be more sensitive than others and this too might cause irritations and other such problems.

Hence, in dealing with different ailments and conditions like heartworm, it is always best to know your options. This way, you can be more precise and accurate in addressing the problem in order to protect your most beloved pet.

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