Treating Animals with Heartworm Disease

By: SA Perillo

Heartworm medication for cats is necessary those that have feline heartworm disease. Heartworm is a diseases caused by parasites injected by mosquitoes. Once the larvae are injected into the bloodstream, it can incubate for several days. It is a disease that affects all animals, including dogs. Heartworm disease is harder to treat than to prevent. There are a variety of heartworm preventative medications and treatments for cuts. A few of these medications are Interceptor, Advantage, Heartgard and Advantage. All of these brand names have heartworm medication specially designed for cats.

Most heartworm medicine for cats contains active ingredients such as pyrantel and ivermectin. Heartgard is one type of medication that contains these. Pyrantel is an ingredient, which controls roundworms and hookworms; parasites in the intestine, which can cause a lot of health problems. It is also effective in curing heartworms. It is an overall medication and treatment, which is beneficial because you wont have to buy and administer several drugs for several parasites. Furthermore, it is very easy to administer because it is a chewable tablet. The medication is very safe, and can even be used by cats as young as six weeks.
Interceptor is another form of medication for cats with heartworm disease. It contains the active ingredient called milbemycin oxime. Similar to Heartgard Plus, it protects your cat from various other parasites such as hookworms and roundworms. Furthermore, it is a chewable tablet which dogs love. It can be administered all year around, and should be taken by the dog monthly. While you can administer this type of medication to cats as young as six weeks, the cat should not weigh less than one and a half pounds.

If you want something that is effective in controlling heartworms, roundworms, fleas, hookworms and ear mites, Revolution might be the best choice. It is a topical solution, which has to be applied near the spine, at the back of the neck. It can be very effective in treating heartworm in cats. It is also very easy to administer, as your dog wont have to ingest anything orally. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to this form of treatment. Underweight cats, or those who are severely sick, should not be administered this medicine. A form of medication similar to Revolution is the Advantage Multi. It is also a topical solution, administered every month. It is not to be used on cats that are younger than nine weeks. Underweight cats weighing in at less than two pounds are also ineligible for this form of treatment. Advantage Multi is able to protect your cat from parasites such as fleas, hookworms, roundworms, ear mites and heartworms.

Choosing the right heartworm medication for cats can be very confusing. This is why, before choosing a kind of medication to administer, you ask your veterinarian. Its better to be safe than sorry. Your cat might have some adverse reactions to certain chemicals or drugs. This might make the situation worse.

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