Treat Eczema with effective healing techniques

By: Singh Deep

Eczema is a skin disorder which is a genetic defect and called as atopic dermatitis. It creates rashes, dryness and itchiness on skin, and sometimes it can produce intense patches which may often lead to redness, cracking and swelling problem. It is generally occurred in infants (20 percent) and adults (only 3 perecnt). It is a chronic disease which should be treated under guidance of skin specialists or dermatologists at early stage with proper diagnosis and topical medicines.

Types :

Some of the popular types of Eczema are Atopic Dermatitis, Contact eczema, Neurodermatitis, Stasis dermatitis and Seborrheic. Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of Eczema which occurs in the age groups of 1 to 5 years of child while other type of atopic dermatitis can appear at puberty stage.

Symptoms :

Generally it occurs on face, ear, neck, and lower parts of knees and elbows. It causes rashes on skin with scratching and itching problem. Sometimes certain parts of skin creates swelling problem and become red and produce pain which may be the advanced stage of Eczema.

Diagnosis :

Generally physical examination is the best way to diagnose this disease, but sometime skin rashes may be the sign of skin reaction, so biopsy is the best diagnosis method to detect the type of Eczema. Doctors may also ask family history to know the genetic cause of this long-term disease.

Treatment :

Eczema creates itching, rashes, redness, scratching and swelling problems on skin. The main goal is to reduce these painful problem using topical drugs and oral medicines. Dermatologists recommend to use oil based creams and lotions on affected area to reduce the skin inflammatory problem. Oil or petroleum based creams and lotions moisture the skin and heal the affected areas. If the problem is severe, patients must consult doctors for prescribed medicines. Dermatologists may prescribe medicines like Aclovate, Cortizone-10, Cloderm, Anucort-HC, Cordran and others. To reduce itching and inflammatory problem, Corticosteroid creams are recommended by specialists.

To lessen the hand eczema, dermatologists recommend following tips which are described below:

Donít wash hand with harsh soap, chemicals or cleansers. Protect your hand with gloves and if irritation occurs in your hand consult dermatologist for it

Use automatic dishwasher

To keep your hand soft and moisture, use lotion and creams
recommended by skin specialist

Wear gloves whenever you go outside in winter season to prevent from dry skin

Summary :

Patients suffering from Eczema skin disorder should consult skin doctor or dermatologist. Doctors suggest the best treatment methods to reduce the problem. This disease is not contagious and can be reduced with proper treatment.

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