Treadmills: An Overview

By: Jeff Clayton

Treadmills have become the order of the day as health and fitness awareness has reached an all time high, not only among the adults but among the kids as well! With the increasing reader hits at treadmill reviews and an affinity towards treadmills in general, the health and exercise equipment industry is witnessing record sales. But many often mistake steep prices and multi-tasking abilities for quality. Instead there are a number of factors that influence quality in treadmills.

There are a number of companies whose products consist entirely of fitness products that range within treadmills and associated accessories. Out of these the main monopolists in the market are of two kinds, as purportedly observed through numerous treadmill reviews of the current market. The first is an inexpensive model of treadmills, with the largest variety of exercise equipment available in the market today. These are great treadmill models to begin your exercise campaign with! On the other hand, there are more expensive models, with a host of hotels and fitness chains housing them exclusively for their clients! The main reason for the popularity of this particular chain of treadmills is an astonishing warranty offered with all such treadmills. A money-back offer paired with the warranty on such treadmills and allied fitness equipment make them almost an irresistible offer for those who can afford the same!

HealthRider treadmill reviews and a number of other treadmill review sites provide a number of factors that are responsible for quality of treadmills and their effectiveness. Here is a short checklist:

· The Motor – The treadmill motor should not be of lesser than 2.5 horsepower. Otherwise any serious workout session (fast paced continuous workouts) will strain the motor beyond its limits, leading to either a breakdown or a serious reduction in product lifetime.

· The Belt – Make sure the treadmill belt suits your needs. Factors such as lubrication, perfect functioning of quality rollers and incline options are basically common points to look out for while buying a treadmill. The size of the surface belt, meanwhile, should be according to your body structure. It is advisable to buy a treadmill with a wide and sturdy surface belt, as it would offer flexibility - both in the fitness workouts as well as for several members of the family.

· The Display Panel – Nowadays, with so many options available such as the heartmeter, burnt calories index, time, odometer, etc, the treadmill has become much more complex as health utility exercise equipment than before. Check for the best options that you actually need to keep a tab on your progress before purchasing a treadmill panel.

With all these points in mind, you might now be able to differentiate between a fad and a genuine technically astute treadmill. But before you make the actual purchase, read as many treadmill reviews you can lay your hands on, including the all-important HealthRider treadmill reviews, all the while keeping abreast of the detailed facts and latest updates in the treadmill industry. This will keep your treadmill purchase decision in good stead against an ordinary uninformed buy. Remember that treadmills and other exercise equipment is not just another accessory – your health and consequently your dear life depends upon it!

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Jeff Clayton is a Personal Trainer responsible for training individuals one-on-one and assisting them in achieving their health and fitness goals. He is also a contributor to Treadmill Adviser providing informed advice about treadmills. Read the latest HealthRider treadmill reviews and other Treadmill reviews at

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