Travelling Lakshadweep is a Thousand Islands Adventure near Goa

By: anjali gupta

Goa is always regarded as the best experience of beach life and ocean fun in India. However, if we look a little deeper into the popular picture, we will notice that there are other things to do near Goa, which will testify for different results.

These things to do near Goa mean taking a journey to the Lakshadweep Islands. These islands are located on the south west coast of India in the Arabian Sea. Lakshadweep Islands derives its name from the Sanskrit word, which literally means a thousand islands. In reality, Lakshadweep is an archipelago itself. It has around 39 islands and a number of coral reefs and submerged banks as well. The feel of this island has an air of cleanliness about it.

In India very few people visit these islands. There are numerous reasons for this. Firstly, it is pretty far off and transportation is a huge issue. There are no railways and only a handful number of flights and ship services. Also Indian nationals need prior permission from the government before going to Lakshadweep and many times this turns into a major hassle. Foreign nationals are barred from visiting certain islands of Lakshadweep. Another reason why few people visit the island is that since it is so far off, it is also very expensive and hence not everyone can afford it. But if you are in Goa and you want to experience a different kind of ocean adventure and can afford it, then visiting these islands must definitely feature in your plans regarding the things to do near Goa.

The islands have their own stories. They have never had an aboriginal population and the majority of the population are Muslims. These are mainly people who migrated from the Malabar Coast of India and belong to Islam. They all generally speak Tamil or Malayalam. Since the entire area of the island is merely 32 sq kms there is not much to do on the island, and hence the major occupation of the people is fishing or coconut cultivation. This island is also known for exporting a lot of Tuna fish. It is actually a union territory under the government of India. The literacy rate is also pretty high and is something around 92 percent approximately.

If adventure if your thing of choice, then Lakshadweep and its activities are a part of your bucket list of things to do near Goa. Since it is one the ocean, water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing are famous. Deep sea diving also takes place. There are night sea expeditions, which are also undertaken by a lot of adventure junkies. The islands are not very rich in flora but it is pretty rich in marine life and has a wide variety of fishes, crabs, lobsters, sea mammals and also a few terrestrial animals as well as birds.All in all, Lakshadweep offers the perfect getaway where it will be just you, the ocean, the sand, the fishes and the beautiful waves.

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