Travel RN Jobs for the Nurse Manager

By: Kain Black

Travel jobs for registered nurses are commonplace these days. For nurse managers these types of RN jobs are just one possibility in an ever-expanding career universe. Though working as a traveling nurse manager does have its challenges, it also has some rewards the nurse cannot experience any other way.

For those who are unaware of the nurse manager position, it is a position involving both floor supervision and interaction with the medical facility's administration. It is a career choice that involves a lot of communication, personal interaction, and politics.

Typical Duties of the Nurse Manager

In the hospital setting, the typical nurse manager will be directly responsible for managing the nursing staff in her department. For example, a nurse manager responsible for the neonatal department will have a staff that includes other registered nurses, LPNs, and perhaps a number of CNAs and medical assistants.

It is the responsibility of the nurse manager to make sure all shifts are fully staffed and each member is adequately performing the tasks assigned to them. In this setting, they are also responsible for being a liaison between staff nurses and hospital administration.

Nurse Manager in a Traveling Environment

The traveling nurse manager does the same things as a permanent worker, the only difference being they move from one facility to the next based on short-term assignments. This type of arrangement has both its pros and cons.

On the positive side, these types of RN jobs allow the nurse manager to experience new work environments and learn new things. Nurse management styles learned in one community, for example, might do well in another community where they have never been tried. Likewise, different methods of treating patients can be learned along the way and applied to new settings.

On the negative side, traveling RN jobs for nurse managers usually come with a certain amount of pressure resulting from staff nurses who do not necessarily give the traveling nurse manager their full cooperation. As an outsider, the traveling nurse manager may find him or herself in a situation where they are constantly butting heads. Fortunately, short-term contracts eventually end and the nurse gets to move on.

Things to Consider with Traveling Nursing Jobs

If you are considering the possibility of traveling RN jobs, there are some things to think about. First and foremost is the fact that the transient lifestyle takes quite a bit of getting used to. You will probably find yourself away from home at times when you wish you were not. Birthdays and holidays are just two examples.

Second, there may be tax implications depending on the staffing agency you work for. If you are classified as a salaried employee, most of those issues will be taken care of by your agency. However, if you work as an independent contractor you will have to take care of those things yourself.

Traveling RN jobs represent just one of the many options for today's nurse managers. They are something to think about if you find yourself stuck in a rut and looking for an exciting change.

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