Travel Insurance: All That You Need To Know

By: Farid Jan

People take a lot of time to figure out and plan their vacation. Every small detail has to be looked into; bookings and arrangements for local travel have to be made. As tedious as the planning process may be, it at least ensures that you have a stress free vacation.

However, where people make so many efforts to plan their trip meticulously, they lag behind in getting insured for the duration of the trip. It is better to get insurance before you leave for the trip rather than run helter-skelter for help after tragedy has struck.

The main reason why people think twice about getting a travel insurance is that they are not aware of whether they need travel insurance or not. Most people also do not know what travel insurance covers and how it can be beneficial. This article aims to clear these same doubts.

Do you need Travel Insurance?

Unless you are going on a company trip or a trip funded by an organization, you need travel insurance. Trips that have been funded for you usually include travel insurance. For every other trip, you need travel insurance. Some people refrain from taking insurance because the country they are travelling to is certified as safe by their embassy. However, these days no country is safe and travelling without insurance is not a wise option.

How Travel Insurance can benefit you?

Travel Insurance can help you cover a lot of unnecessary and unforeseen costs that may arise on your trip. Some of the benefits of having a travel insurance cover are mentioned below:

Health: A person's health is his or her most important asset and it is necessary to take care of one's health. Travelling to a new place could result in you feeling sick mainly due to the change in weather. You may also come down with a virus and may need urgent medical attention. Taking care of health problems in a foreign country may become very expensive if you do not have travel insurance. The insurance usually includes cover for health problems making it easy for you to handle any form of sickness that you might acquire on your trip.

Luggage: It is not necessary that every time you travel you will lose your luggage. However the possibilities of misplacing your luggage in transit are high. There is a chance that your luggage is put onto the wrong plane and it gets delayed in reaching you. In such cases, travel insurance covers any losses that you may incur due to loss, damage or delay.

Theft: As mentioned earlier, no country is safe. People often get fleeced in a new country. There are thieves always waiting around the corner to take advantage of people who are new to the area. Travel Insurance will ensure that you get covered in the event of theft of any kind.

Apart from the above mentioned, travel insurance also covers you against any damage or loss that may occur due to forces of nature.

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