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By: Wesley Steven

A lot of businesses have a working relationship with foreign partners and clients. In such circumstances, there will obviously be a language barrier, which can tend to complicate the flow of communication. As with most business relations, there will be an exchange of correspondence, either sent in a digital format or through more traditional means. Being that you speak one language and your client or partner speaks another, you will obviously need a middleman who can translate letters and other documents. There are translating services available with a staff of bilingual writers who can translate any type of writing into a different language.

So how does a translating service work? Most companies have a roster of writers who are proficient in one or more languages. This includes commonly spoken languages like Spanish and Mandarin Chinese to more obscure ones like Swahili or Urdu. They also offer different dialects of the same language. A writer, for example, can translate a document from American English to UK English, which has slight variations in the way some words are spelled.

Some agencies also offer writers that can translate very specific and formal documents, such as legal or medical papers, which require a knowledge of certain terms and jargon. Aside from translating a written document, most are also able to translate audio transcriptions. Some writers, for example, may be able to take an audio of a lecture spoken in English and translate the contents into French in a written document.

texting services are another feature that these agencies typically offer. Texting has become a popular form of mobile marketing for businesses. Small snippets of text can be translated into the appropriate language before being sent out to a certain demographic. Proofreading is yet another service that is normally offered. If you can translate documents yourself but aren't sure if the grammar or choice of words is entirely correct, then you can submit your work to one of these agencies that also doubles as a proofreading website. They will edit your paper and make any necessary changes.

These services are simple to use. Most have their own website that you sign up with. Once you have an account, you can submit your document or audio file that needs to be translated. From there, the agency will send the work to the writer with the right qualifications. With some services, there is a set price that is determined before someone takes on the assignment. With other agencies, writers make a bid. Once the assignment is completed and returned to you, you can accept it as it is or send it back for revisions if necessary.

Communication would be so much easier if the world only had one language. However, the fact is that roughly 200 languages are spoken around the world. If you want to expand your business, then you may have to reach out to communities where English is not the primary language. A translating service can eliminate the communication barrier to ensure clear and concise communication between working partners.

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My Translators provide texting services and also doubles as a proofreading website for companies that need to have their written work reviewed by a second set of eyes.

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