Transforming Entrepreneurism

By: Liz Thompson

Michael E. Gerber began a training and education firm called E-Myth Worldwide in 1977. Its goal was to transform small businesses and their owners worldwide. Now, three decades later, its track record speaks for itself. It has been responsible for the growth of more than 50,000 businesses in 145 countries.
Michael is motivated by a deep passion to effect a transformation of entrepreneurship worldwide. He is aided in this by his unique ability to understand the issues and concerns of entrepreneurs. Michael's tremendous success and appeal is due, in part, to this passion and insight. In fact, as the E-Myth brand has developed over the last 30 years, these qualities have remained constant.
The E-Myth concept is that broken businesses can be fixed by changing the mindset of the person who owns that business. As the author of seven E-Myth books, including the mega-bestseller, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael has established his revolutionary perspective as the gold standard for small business development.
Indeed, the unique ability of this perspective to help desperate small-business operators overcome their entrepreneurial seizure and begin to work on their businesses, and not merely in them, is at the very heart of the E-Myth revolution.
Michael describes his own process of awakening this inner entrepreneur, his inner inventor, in his book, Awakening the Entrepreneur Within. For him, this resulted in his choosing to depart from his successful endeavors of many years. He realized he couldn't get to where he wanted to go from where he was. A new direction was needed. With the entrepreneur within awakened, Michael had the overwhelming desire to invent, to create. He was awash in ideas and open to all the possibilities and opportunities this new mindset afforded.
Out of this experience was born an inventive and innovative program call The Dreaming Room, a weekend gathering for entrepreneurs looking to create top-flight business startups. With the advent of this new venture, Michael's life began a new phase.
Michael refers to the time in which we're living as the Age of the New Entrepreneur, because today's small business owners are not driven by money, but by meaning. To succeed at moving our companies toward greatness, we must find that meaning within us. This is the great thing we're here to do. New entrepreneurs bring that to great companies.
Michael has identified the five realities of the entrepreneur, the four dimensions of the entrepreneurial personality, and the difference between a vision and a mission. A passionate and natural teacher, he shares freely why most businesses fail and what it takes to fix yours.

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Why are most business broken? What does it take to repair yours? Michael E. Gerber has the answers and wants to transform business worldwide. Click here to listen to the Michael E. Gerber interview.

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