Trained As A Professional - Now A Network Marketer

By: mdsarch86

Was it hard for me to switch professions from an architect to a network marketer? Network marketing is never said in a positive tone of voice. Obviously network marketing is below a professional. Are you research a similar move. The uncertainty of the working environment has forced a lot in our profession to re-evaluate their situation. You may have faced similar turn of events when your staff, which was a healthy size of 6 to 10 people, shrunk to you in a matter of months and you are having trouble getting enough work. It is time for you to do some research on alternatives before it is too late. Forunately the skills you use everyday in your profession will aid you in any other business you choose. The qualities that are required to achieve your goals.

It will be difficult for you to avoid your feelings and stereotypes for network marketers. You may look at it as some what less than professional. Now, when you walk into a room you are a professional; you have a degree to prove it. It is our experience and expectation we have learned over time. We, as professionals, would respond to our client problems with solutions. Boy, were we fooled. We went to school where we were told we were professionals. They used the word professional a lot. In the business world, we learned, that is another word for salesman.

You have been refining your attributes for a number of years and you can use thos attributes in network marketing. Dedication is the same but where it is pointed will change. We market ourselves as problem solvers. That will not change. Our focus will be helping people find alternative sources as income. You are very experineced in marketing over the last several years for your company. We know how to get a message across. We also can make presentations in front of large groups of people. You can use the training you have been doing to others who are afraid to make that call or the presentation. Put your skills to work.

For last several years, you have been creating connecitons to others that you work with. Your connections can be a bridge for them also to a brighter tomorrow. Do not be afraid to share your new direction with others. Your mind will scream, NO!!! you are a professional not a saleman. You need to quick and nimble in the market place and this is just another transition. You will be surprised how many will wish you luck and even more surprised to hear how many will want to know more about what you are doing.
You have been a leader all your professional life and that has meant that some times you go it alone. The road is presented to you now. It is your talent that you will have always with you to help you in your new adventure. The trusted skills that you have spent a large part of your professional career developing and training for will not be wasted. This is where the old ways will blend with the new as your continue your training.

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