Train Your Entire Body With a Pull Up Bar

By: Eric Eisenberg

If you want to get into shape fast then there is a wealth of different training equipment out there that can help, and things like treadmills and bench presses for your home can make the act of getting into shape and staying that way much quicker and much more convenient.

In fact, any piece of equipment can make getting into shape much easier and that includes a number of surprisingly small and cheap items. Take the humble pull up bar for instance - it's a basic piece of equipment that doesn't take up much space, but it can provide you with an entire body workout - no matter who you are or your current level of fitness. Don't understand? Read on for a full explanation.

What if You Can't Do a Pull Up?

If you can't do a pull up then at this stage you're probably thinking this article doesn't apply to you. Well think again - there are actually many ways you can get a workout from a pull up bar. For instance you can simply try moving the pull up bar lower or dragging up a chair. This way you will be able to put your legs on a solid surface and do the pull ups while you're at a more diagonal angle. You're now only pulling up the very top of your body and that means you can perform a lot more.

This technique is also very useful for people who can do a good workout already but who want to increase intensity. Simply try doing as many pull ups as you can, then switching instantly to these diagonal pull ups. That way you'll be going 'past failure' which means you'll burn more calories and cause more crucial 'microtears' in your muscle.

What Does a Pull Up Train?

Of course when you workout it's important to think about which part of your body is actually getting a workout. In the case of a pull up you are training your lats, your biceps, your forearms and your core. The core in particular gets a much better workout than most people realise, and you can train it even more by doing pull ups with your legs raise, or by doing hanging leg raises.

Various other changes can target different parts of your body and it's also possible to train your traps and your shoulders this way. From there you can then get an entire body workout by simply alternating with another exercise. To target the pecs for example try doing as many press ups as you can between pull ups, and to target the legs try doing star jumps between pull ups.

The great thing too is that these exercises are very energetic if you keep pauses to a minimum. That means you can then repeat lots of repetitions and really raise your heart rate as a result - which is enough to burn a lot of calories. In short this is great CV as well as resistance work so can be used to burn fat too.

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