Traditions Learned of the Irish

By: Dana Smith

My Dad always reminded me what his dad said to him as a young man growing up in Santa Catalina Island "stay away from redheads and racehorses". Our family line was one of staunch Germans who had faced anti-Germanic hatred after WW1. It was so much so, we changed our name from a German one to a more familar American one. We also did not talk German. So the result was when I was born, traditions of native lands were not followed.

In the course of growing up, every lad wants to find a girl. Boy did I find mine. Now some 33 years later, married to the same woman, I am glad to say, it has been great. Guess what? The woman I married was not a redhead. No sir! I lived in the west with no horseraces, so I was okay there. But no one told me about the Irish. I married the Mullen. In the early part of this family, the name Mullen was Mullin, but was changed to Mullen due to a family quarrel. This left both sides bitter and thus the name change. Who knows where the other Mullin's are. I have never met them nor know of any related to my wife's family.

Our family was blessed by two kids. Both now grown. A Son and a daughter. The daughter, you guessed it, being part Irish married an Irishman. Now this young Irishman has traditions. You never let his birthday go by or Saint Pat's day without the traditional Irish cards, and related Irish stuff. It is a special day for Him. Now, it too, has become a day for us.

When sending cards I remember to put the Clover, greenstuff, and related pic's on his cards. I remember to appreciate this holiday, not for my sake, but for those who I love that hold this holiday true to heart. I don't know about all Irishmen or women. But I do know about these who are my family. Is it true that Irish have tempers. Yes, but so do Germans. I have also notice Italians and Norwegians as well tend to get angry. Do Irish like potato's. Well I can't speak for all of them, but my lot sure do. But then from the west, meat and tator's are our specialty.

The traditions of the Irish mean more to me than before. I cannot recite all the related poetic rhymes and verse from the Irish shores. I do know of certain Irish descent who would like to visit yonder Irish shores. I do know that attempts at forming the Irish family tree has been done. In our house, the traditions of Irish mean to appreciate my Son-in-law and his love of this Irish and his own geneology to it. It means to go to an Irish pub and restaurant when we visit them in the bread basket. And it also means to have a true treat, cornbeef on rye with sauerkraut. Which I think is half german at least. Along with that, are the offerings of dark beer and ale with many food treats.

So to the Irish I say this Old Irish blessing....

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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