Traditional vs. Automatic Coffee Makers

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For many people, coffee is more than just a beverage. It is a stimulant, dessert and, when topped properly, a meal. How coffee is made has a great affect on its taste and nutritional content. To create a quality cup of “joe,” you need the right machine.

But what exactly is the right machine? How do consumers know what to look for when purchasing a coffee machine?

Here are the two most common types of coffee machines and what you can expect from them:


Traditional coffee makers date back centuries. Although today’s models are shinier and have fancier names, they have remained relatively unchanged.

- Simple: Traditional coffee machines are very easy to use. They almost don’t need instructions. Roasted coffee beans are placed in a container and hot water is added to create an infusion affect. A lever-plunger mechanism makes the process so simple it can be performed by anyone.

- Classic: There is an intrinsic value that comes along with something classic. Traditional coffee makers have been around for hundreds of years. Automatic coffee machines have only been around for as long as there has been electricity.

- Reliable: The less moving parts a machine has, the less chance there is of it breaking or stalling. Traditional coffee makers are reliable. Their operability depends solely on the user’s hands. If the user can squeeze, press or pump, then the traditional coffee machine is hard to beat.

If you want a simple, classic, reliable device for making coffee, you’ll want to get a traditional machine.


For over 125 years, automatic coffee machines have been the go-to device for people who want a consistent cup of java.

- Quick: Every decade adds to the speedometer of technology. Coffee makers are no different. While automatic coffee makers are more complex than their traditional cousin, they function basically the same way. One major difference, however, is the speed at which the coffee can be delivered to the drinker. Automatic coffee machines are very quick.

- Powerful: Automatic coffee machines can make larger batches of coffee. If the user lives in a house with many other people, automatic machines are ideal. The average office coffee machine is automatic. It has to be. There are too many people that need to fill their mugs.

- Responsible: Many people start their coffee-making process the night before they drink it. They can do this because automatic coffee machines can be set to drip hours in advance. Technology has allowed machines to take on one of the most important human qualities: responsibility.

If you want a quick, powerful, responsible device for making coffee, you’ll want to get an automatic machine.

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