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Gift shopping can be a bit of a chore if you have no idea how to get it right. With the holiday season almost here, you need some quick pointers. Buying the right gifts should not be difficult at all. And with the tips provided below, you will find yourself enjoying the process.

Try Vouchers: If you are not sure what style of scarf or accessories your friend, colleague, or partner likes, just buy them gift coupons. They can redeem the coupons by shopping for clothes that fit them and colors they like, and believe me; they'll thank you for your foresight. Not curse you for buying mittens three sizes too small.

Inexpensive Is Not Cheap: "The act of giving is what counts" - we have heard that since we were in elementary school. Why should things be any different now? The holiday season means plenty of end-of-season sales, discounts, and freebies. Donít be afraid to be thrifty. You can buy plenty of quality stuff at throwaway prices.

Go Green: Shopping with a conscience is the latest trend. There are plenty of inexpensive, green products in the market. There are organic foods, guilt-free accessories, eco-friendly CD racks, even electronic appliances that carry electricity consumption ratings, making it easier to choose eco friendly products.

Gift Basket: I have always found this a popular item to gift people, particularly people you donít know too well (but well enough to feel compelled to give them a present!). Gift baskets can have anything from newborn baby clothes to bathing salts, wines, fruits, cookies, makeup, sewing kits, and more. With more than one item in the basket, you know that even if one item "misses", the other will probably hit a home run.

Handcrafted Gifts: You can buy handcrafted gift items through online stores. These items add a personal touch to the entire process of selecting and giving gifts - a process that is often mechanical and considered a chore. You can even ask the seller to customize items according to the taste of the person you want to gift them to, by adding a name, a commemorative date, or any remarks you like.

Gift Wrapping: Gift wrapping can now be part of your shopping experience. You donít have to carry the gift items home and spend hours wrapping them in paper and ribbon. Many malls offer gift wrapping services for a small fee. You can even have them gift wrapped by a professional. Yes, gift wrapping has become an art, and many people actually earn a living through it. The boring paper and ribbon routine has given way to fabric, jute, colored string, sparklers, sequins, and beads.

A little resourcefulness can make gift shopping an experience free of heartache. You will also avoid embarrassing moments of giving inappropriate gifts to people. At the very least, you might be able to save cash. Follow the instructions above, and experience the real joy of giving as this year gives way to the next.

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Gift shopping can be a difficult experience or smooth sailing, depending on how you go about it. Some easy tips will help you save time, money, and avoid heartache this holiday season.

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