Tradition Brochure Printing And Modern Day Brochure Printing

By: Albert Reeves

Brochures have traditionally been one of the most essential promotion tools for any organization. They can be kept on cash counters, handed out to spread awareness about a firm, or even mailed to prospective clients. The need to have printed brochures has led to the growth of a sector of the printing services industry, which specially caters to brochures. Brochure printing has undergone a series of advancements in recent years, with the dawn and widespread use of the internet heralding the latest of these developments.
At a time when computers hadn't made their foray into brochure printing, the whole thing was a tedious activity involving use of plate-making machines and film negatives, and the particular tasks involved taking multiple test prints, changing all the settings, and what not. Even design choices were limited, with the printers doing the bulk of the design tasks and only the most elementary input coming from the customer.
On the other hand, now brochures are designed, transferred to the printing company, and edited on computers, usually by the client himself, and the end product is printed and delivered within a much shorter timeframe. Technology has advanced far enough to make 24 hour printing a reality, enabling any quantity of prints to be delivered to the customer within a day's time.
One should remember that brochure printing involves careful consideration of features like content, graphics and formatting. The use of digital technology in the printing process has revolutionised these aspects, providing a range of options, including superior quality full-colour printing, modern and complex layout options, and content-building packages.
Clients these days most of the times favour full-colour brochures and digital brochures amongst the latest varieties of brochures offered by printing services companies. These are generally appropriate for brochures which will be in use from medium to long-term. Subject matter for short-term bulk use is best advertised through the use of eye catching, vibrant, but concise brochures, which have only a restricted print cycle. To develop such brochures, nothing can be better than off-set printing, as a large quantity of prints can be obtained in a short time span, though it takes a little more time for all the preparations in this technique.
Nowadays brochure printing firms also offer ancillary services besides guaranteeing superior quality of prints for their clients. These include services like design, direct mailing, circulation etc.
The internet has radically changed the scenario, with customers now visiting websites of printing firms and placing online orders after choosing designs and colour specifications from the comfort of their desk. Thus, brochure printing has come a long way in a comparatively short time, and the rate of advancements is showing no signs of slowing down.
Technology makes brochure printing as easy as possible. Brochure printing becomes more competitive, thus, make use of technology the most out of it and be creative as you can.

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