Tracking Down The Tradition Of Giving Flowers

By: David Scott..

No tradition helps in expressing human feelings in a better manner than giving flowers or bouquets. Flowers and bouquets have acted as excellent presents for birthdays and anniversaries, and are also useful for making personal gestures like communicating warmest congratulations, making apologies or cheering someone up.
Archaeological evidence collected from historical sites hints at the origin of this tradition to the ancient era. History, legends and tales going back to ancient China, Greece, Rome and Egypt display flowers to be an undeniable part of social practices. In these civilizations, it was believed that feelings could find their most suitable expression through the gifting of flowers. The ancient Greeks even considered some flowers to be associated with divinity.
The custom of giving flowers continued through the Middle Ages, with the French and the English keeping the custom strong. The present custom of giving a specific significance to each flower was brought to the West from Turkey, from where the French and the British imbibed it and spread it in Europe.
The Victorian era spread this tradition of flower giving even more. Victorians, as we know, never expressed their emotions openly and thus the custom of offering flowers or bouquets was regarded a great means to communicate feelings without making use of a lot of words.
This era saw the rolling out of guidelines for gifting flowers or bouquets that we use today. To take an example, buying a bouquet of red roses from a florist and gifting to your beloved upside down would clearly vex her. The reason being that while red roses symbolize love, gifting them upside down exhibits resentment. In fact, the 19th century saw several books published on the subject of language of flowers.
Time has not been able to diminish this custom, and people in the present era still consider flowers to be the most effective means to show their feelings. Through gradual evolution over the years, we have reached a stage where a lot of flowers now have some significance and gifting flowers or bouquets has to be done according to certain rules and regulations. An elegantly presented bouquet of red roses is said to depict love while lilies symbolize purity and elegance. A yellow coloured rose is seen as a representation of friendship, whereas sorrow is best demonstrated by a single marigold.
Science today has enabled us to grow countless varieties of flowers anywhere across the globe. Any good Singapore flower shop will offer a plethora of flower varieties that are both regional and imported in nature, and are appropriate for communicating your heartfelt feelings in the most elegant manner.

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